Australian Police Lamborghini Car Accident Repair.

Australian Police Got serious Car Accident with Lamborghini.

Every young guy is found off cars and day to day cars manufactures try to add more features in cars just like Honda , Toyota , ford and Suzuki. In Auto industry in whole world more sale USA automaker in which General motors’ are at number 1 in USA and Japan Automakers are at number 2 in world in term of sale.The company’s first models were released in the mid-1960s, and were noted for their refinement, power and comfort.

these all Lamborghini car are assemble at the automaker’s ancestral home in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where engine and automobile production lines run side-by-side at the company’s single factory. The company produces only two models, the V10-powered Gallardo and the V12-powered Aventador, in a variety of body styles, trim levels, and limited-production editions. Not more then  3,000 cars roll off the production line each year.

Lamborghini is at Italian brand and Lamborghini car is in the list of  world fastest car and Lamborghini also design special cars for formula-one race. Due to its high speed, Australian government gives Lamborghini car to its police. In the world Australian police is world first police who’s having Lamborghini cars which they use to track the thieves. In this post you can see the serious cars accident of Lamborghini cars when Australian police track one car when they got accident with this Lamborghini car. In this car accident now one injured which show the safely measure of this automaker car.Now in this post you can see the serious cars accident pictures of Lamborghini cars and after the accident they sent this cars in Italy where Lamborghini cars expert repair the cars so nicely that cars become just like brand new.

After Repairment of car its become like Brand New.