Latest Mobile Model Apple iphone5 Price in India and Dubai

Apple Iphone5 has been launched in this year and there was many rumors that Iphone5 will be changed too much then iphone4 but when its unveiled in markets of USA then people shocked to see its specification that there is no big difference between iphone5 and iphone4.But in this article we only give you a brief overview of technical specification of iphone5.
First time Apple Iphone5 launch in USA but from USA some of piece of Iphone5 import in India by privately but Officially Apple Iphone5 is not launch in India. Apple Iphone5 has thickness of 6mm, 18 percent thinner than iPhone 4S, 20 percent lighter than Iphone4.
Apple Iphone5 has the A6 chip, twice as fast and 22 percent smaller processor so speed increase in this model.
Mostly people still wants to know what is difference between apple Iphone5 and Apple Iphone4 and what are new in Apple Iphone4.Apple Iphone5 has support of 2G GSM , 3G WCDMA and 4G LTE technology.Same like Apple Iphone4 , there is Siri natural language commands and dictation application available in iphone5.
Apple Iphone5 has good review by mostly user but some of the Apple FANs are disappointed because they complain that there is no big difference between in Apple Iphone5 and Iphone4. But its battery time is good then Apple Iphone4. Apple Iphone5 has 8 hours with LTE, 10 hours on Wifi. Apple’s aluminum-and-glass iPhone 5 retains its super-industrial aesthetic, metal buttons and all. Its new, all-metal backing could look slightly less luxe than the iPhone 4S.
Currently Apple Iphone5 is available in Dubai and India. Its price in Dubai is AED-2700 and it is available in all major mobile markets of Dubai and in Abu Dhabi this latest Mobile model of Apple Iphone5 is also available in Price of AED-2750. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi you can buy this mobile in all electronic stores of Sharaf DG and In India Latest Price of Apple iphone5 is Rs.56000 but there is no official launch in India still happened so in Black markets in Lock Form this Mobile model iphone5 is available in all major mobile of markets of India Mumbai.




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