Hollywood Movie Spider-Man | Indian Spider Man

Spider-Man was big hit movie of hollywood that was released in 2002.Spider-ManĀ  was directed by Sam Raimi and written by David Koepp.Spider-Man video game is also very popular in Kids.As India is developing country it is trying improve in many areas of its country .this picture shows the railway system India. it is so poor. as kids often watch spider man in movies who jumps from high buildings …he jumps here and there from high building but they never see the real life spider man..these passengers are the real life spider man who are traveling in fast moving train and stand at the edge until they reach to the next station. these people are the real spider man who did not care for their life and traveling carelessly . these people never think about their lives. there are many dangerous points from where the train passes there are many tress, electric poles on way but these people are so brave and they do not care about anything and do travel in this train in the same way. these people are the real heroes and spider man which faces real danger daily in their livies.


Hollywood Movie Spider Man.

Indian Spider Man.
Spider Man in India.
Mumbai Spider Man.