Male will Face Difficulties to find Life-partner in Future

Wedding is a great event of everyone life and In future it is predicted that in world there will be more female as compare to male. Now it’s very difficult to find a perfect match of life partner.Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. At wedding ceremony people give gifts the bridal and groom. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gifts offering, ring, symbolic item, flowers, and money.
Choosing a life partner become very tough and now it’s shocking news about male is that in future it become more difficult to find a female for their marriage life.
Some people are not agreed with this news of India and said that in world population of female is increasing and finding a perfect life partner is more difficult for female not for man.
Male can find easily life partner but for female specially in India and Pakistan its a long process to find perfect match. Age ,sex ,cast and qualification these issue happened and everyone wants a perfect life partner.
A great shocking news for all men it is really very alarming situation for whole world that the population of the females are decreasing day by day at alarming situation. According to multiple surveys that population of females are increasing due to which the balance between genders is increasing. And due to this gender difference the number between is increasing rapidly. Some experts and analyst observes that if we notice the number then there are 100 males and 106 females which is serious situation. and its fact that may males may not find females to get married. So people must think about it.Now new trend to find life partner at internet by chating ,social networking and by register yourself at matrimonial site is very common and both female and male prefer to use new trend to find a perfect match for them.