Latest Illusion Art Wallpapers and Photography 2016

Illusion art is of the most beautiful and interesting art. As it is clear from its name Illusion art it means imaginary art. In this art painters create different facts in one picture. Illusion pictures often create confusions in the mind of people .Illusions photos are not always clear they never show reality. It depends on the person that what he or she drive from that picture according to their perception.
Illusion art is unique kind of painting style I personally love it there is lot of fun in creating such kind of pictures which display lot of different facts at the same time. Illusion art is also about showing variety of thing in single photo. There are many types of illusion art pictures which are awesome. Now many modern techniques are used in illusion art paintings.
Illusion art basically is tried to explain you the depth of the picture illusion artist want to display the depth in their pictures. Many painters use different techniques to show the depth in their photos some use shadow art and other use colors and their different contrasts. Painters create illusions with high contrasts. Different effects are displayed between eyes and human brain it is the trick of illusion art that it represents difference in the perceptions of the people and create images which are far away from the reality.
People who have interest in creativity and love variety usually go for illusion art. Illusion pictures are not easy to make as it takes lots mental effort to think distinct thing and then interlink them .different types of colors, movements and positions are used in illusion art. Illusion is always difficult to create as in illusion we try to create something unreal. so it is very amazing thing to do.
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