Husain Haqqani Letter to mike mullen in Urdu.

What is Husain Haqqani Letter ? What is reality of husain haqqani letter?
Husain Haqqani Letter to mike mullen in Urdu.
Latest News of Husain-Haqqani-Letter-memo.
we are publishing the Husain-Haqqani-Letter in urdu for pakistani young generation. Please read it carefully and throughly and must comments on this serious issue to Pakistan.Please record you voice against this act.
many person suggest to chief justice to iftikar muhammad choudhary to take suo moto action at this matter.
Pakistan USA Ambassador Hussain Haqqani wrote a letter to Adml Mike Mollan.
Army is very angry after news of this letter.Husain Haqqani offer his resignation letter after this news to Pakistan Government.
Poeple of pakistan are seeking to know what is Reaction of Pakistan Preseident Asif ali zardari on this letter.Pakistani Media as well as international media give special importance to this issue and every pakistani have great concern about letter of memo.
Nawaz shareef didnt take any strick action against this letter and he is keep silent on this issue.Very dishearth reaction of PML(N).Still not a strong statement is issue for media from opposition of Pakistan.Ch nisar record his statement in media but he didnt take a solid steps to resolve this issue.Nawaz Shareef , Mulana fazul rehman ,Imran Khan chairman of Pakistan Tareeke insaf ,Munwar husain ,Ch shujat ,Pervaiz elahi ,all opposition , General Ashfaq pervaiz Kiyani and Everyone is confuse yet.

Now the legal case is registered in Supreme court of pakistan and Leader of Pakistani political party Nawaz shareef will present itself in supreme court.

Legal notice always posted to General Kiyani and prime minister of Pakistan.

Hopefully a good legal notice is expected from Supreme Court of Pakistan in this week.

Hussain haqqani already resigned from his post Ambassador of Pakistan in USA. The former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Asma Jahangir has agreed to represent former Pakistani envoy in the US, Hussain Haqqani in the Supreme Court in memo-gate scandal.Now Asma Jahangir will be Lawyer of Hussain Haqqani in Memo scandal case.


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