HIV AIDS disease causes Symptoms prevention and treatment

Aids disease causes, Symptoms , prevention and treatment_2AIDS is very serious issue rising now a day worldwide. AIDS is dangerous and serious disease which is affecting people dramatically .it is very necessary to know about AIDS and its dangerous effects on our lives. People all over the world are suffering from these horrible diseases. This article will discuss vital issues regarding AIDS.

What is HIV AIDS? How medical sciences define AIDS?

AIDS obtain immune deficiency syndrome in the final stage.HIV diseases which causes harsh damage to the immune system AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS was first recognized in the early 1980s, an extraordinary number of people have been influence by the global AIDS outbreak. Today it is projected that 33.3 million people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV. Being HIV-positive, or having HIV disease, is not the same as having AIDS. a lot of people are HIV-positive but don’t get ill for several years. As HIV diseases go on and it slowly affects the immune system. HIV spreads through insecure sex with an infected person. It may also increase by sharing drug needles or through get in touch with the blood of an infected person. A blood test can inform if you have HIV infection. There is no treatment but there are many medicines to fight with HIV infection. A person with HIV becomes sick with AIDS when his/her immune system is seriously compromised.

Factors Causing for AIDS Disease

There are several ways and facts which are included in the causes of AIDS. Worldwide there are various factors which come into the causes of AIDS. Day by day AIDS is increasing and effecting people and killing them and their families. AIDS is the sixth primary cause of death amongst people ages 25 to 44.
HIV is transmitted in many ways, such as anal, vaginal or oral sex, blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.
Human immune deficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS. ordinary microbes, yeast, bedbugs, and viruses that generally do not cause severe disease in people with strong immune systems can cause deadly illnesses in people with AIDS.HIV has been originate in spit, tears, nervous system tissue and spinal liquid, blood , vaginal liquid and breast milk. Though, only blood, semen, vaginal discharge, and breast milk has been shown to transmit infection to others. AIDS is convey through sexual contact, through blood, from mother to child .Other methods of spreading the virus are informal contact such as hug, mosquitoes, touching things that were touch by someone infected with the virus. AIDS is also extending through injection drug users who share needles.

Symptoms of HIV AIDS Disease.

AIDs HIV disease causes, Symptoms , prevention and treatment.AIDS is dangerous disease when people get suffer from it they got seriously ill and sick. They do not feel active and healthy and also suffer from laziness and sever pains in different body parts. Important symptoms of AIDS are opportunistic infection, a skin cancer, and infection in eyes, weight loss, and brain tumors. AIDS is different in every infected person. a few people die only in some months after getting infected and others live comparatively normal lives for several years. Other symptoms include Fever, Sweats, Swollen lymph glands, Joint pain, Mouth disorder, yeast infection, Pain, loss of sense, and lack of ability to control muscles .People that are infected with HIV may have no symptoms for ten years or longer but they can still convey the infection to others during this symptom free phase. You might not know if you get infected by HIV. Some people get fever, headache, sore muscles and joints, stomach ache, swollen lymph glands, or a skin rash for one or two weeks. In order to actually know this you must be tested for Aids HIV virus properly.

Aids disease causes, Symptoms , prevention and treatment.

Treatments and Cure about AIDS

There is no cure and treatment in medical science for AIDS. Access to prevention and treatment services for AIDS in several countries is limited. Leaders of many countries have guaranteed to work towards universal access to HIV prevention and treatment so that millions of deaths can be avoid. Antiretroviral treatment can extensively extend the lives of people living with HIV. Many people can still advantage from starting antiretroviral therapy. Better treatment and prevention for opportunistic infections have also helped to get better the quality and duration of life for those diagnose with AIDS. It is also important that treatment is provided for AIDS related pain which is experience by approximately all people in the very complex stages of HIV infection. Have an appointment with your doctor or health care provider if you have any of the risk for HIV infection or if you feel any symptoms of AIDS.

Prevention for the AIDS

There are many ways and methods by which we can avoid AIDS. To avoid this serious disease you have to take care about your physical relations. You must try to have protected and secure sex to reduce the chance of easily spread HIV and other sexually pass on diseases. Do not use illegal drugs and do not share needles or syringes. Avoid make contact with another person’s blood. Anyone who tests positive for HIV can pass the disease to others and should not donate blood, plasma, body organs, or sperm. The Public Health Service advises that HIV infected women avoid breast-feeding to avoid convey HIV to their baby through breast milk. The riskiest sexual behavior is receiving insecure anal intercourse. The smallest amount risky sexual behavior is receiving oral sex. There is some risk of HIV transmission when performing oral sex on a man, but this is less risky than insecure vaginal intercourse. If you believe you have been uncovered to HIV, look for medical attention straight away.
World AIDS Day was first experimental in 1988, but only in recent years have steps been taken for the special needs of newborn, children, young people and immature people influence by the epidemic. UNICEF launched its Unite for Children .Unite against AIDS Campaign .On this year’s World AIDS Day, the Unite Campaign marks its expansion through 2015 and locate out a new agenda. Its objective is nothing less than an AIDS free generation. Two prevention based campaign targets for 2015 based on a UNAIDS global agreement reached earlier this year. UNICEF’s work in the direction of plummeting the epidemic’s shock goes beyond prevention alone. The organization also supports continuous care for children already suffered with HIV as well as safeguard through cash funding, legislation and other means for those who suffered.


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World AIDS Day, observed on 1st December every year, is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.

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