Latest Toyota Hilux-2015 2016 Model Review, Engine Technical Specification with Price in Pakistan

A dynamic presence integrating advanced power and quality, Hilux-2015 2016 blends new stylish design, setting the standards and leading the way for a new generation of multipurpose utility vehicles. The Toyota Hilux is a success since its launch. Today we brought you all the information about the price of the 2016 new Toyota Hilux in Pakistan, India, USA, Dubai, Australia and Singapore. We will give complete information about interior and exterior of this car and in which color this car is available in Auto market and complete review and technical specification of new Toyota Hilux 2015 2016.we also share with you latest Toyota Hilux-2015 2016 photo which give more clarification to user how’s this car looks . According to Toyota spokes person, the Toyota Hilux remains Southern Africa’s best-selling vehicle and one of the most popular in the world and very good sale growth in Australia. Latest Toyota Hilux 2015 2016 has good looks and power engine and review by user of this car is also pretty good and due to big space available in this car this car become multipurpose.


The Toyota Hilux Double Cab is offered in six different diesel variants and a further three petrol choices. The Hilux may be considered the best pickup in its class simply for being from Toyota.this is Double Cabin New Toyota Hilux Black Color Picture.


Interior controls operate the adjustment of mirrors, to optimize the driver’s view. Indicators (optional) positioned on the mirrors for improved visibility. The Toyota Hilux has more than enough lodge space, seating up to six mature people in the twofold taxicab, up to four mature people in the Xtra Cab demonstrates and up to three mature people in the single taxicab. With thin profile, ergonomic seating, you additionally get more legroom and space between inhabitants.


Toyota HiLux 2015 2016 model is definitely more agricultural and all over the world this car is very popular among farmer because this car is available in single cabin and double cabin so if you need a SUV car with more space then you can buy single cabin Toyota hilux 2015 2016 and if you want to use this car for business purpose and family then you must buy double cabin Toyota Hilux. In India Pakistan and Australia Toyota Hilux car is consider bestselling car among farmer.

Best-toyota-car-for-farmer in world

SUV vehicles sale growth is notice from last year and people like these type of car because these SUV car are multipurpose and you can use for your business and for family.The Toyota Hilux is a robust and great-value substitute to the Ford Ranger and Nissan Navara.
The Toyota Hilux 2015 2016 examination is really great. It’s a get-that could be a laborer throughout the week and a family auto at the weekend. The Toyota Hilux is a prototypal bit of streamlined designing – and a touch of a symbol as well. The actuality is that whilst it is an exceptionally great business vehicle it may just be a spot excessively rough for anybody needing to utilize one each day as a part of lieu of an auto, granted that we affirm that it can make monetary sense for some.

what is Toyota Hilux Sale Growth in 2016 ?

The Toyota HiLux has continued its year of good sales domination, coming out on top again in this year  2016 sales figures.Latest Toyota Hilux-2015 2016 is a SUV car with proven reliability and give a smooth off road drive.The latest Hilux has a hint of Toyota Land Cruiser about its nose, with a large chrome grille and big headlights. Beyond that, the Hilux is all about function, with a standard two or four-door body and a large pick-up bed behind it. On the inside, the dash is constructed from hard, durable plastics, but quality and assembly are first-class. It feels much less utilitarian than you’d expect, though.
The best engine for lower running costs is the 2.5-litre diesel, which boasts average fuel consumption of 38.7mpg. But the 3.0-litre diesel offers better performance and isn’t far behind in terms of economy, with a figure of 36.7mpg. Add the automatic transmission, though, and that drops to 32.8mpg. Insurance costs should be reasonable, though, as the Double Cab model with the 2.5-litre engine falls into group 9A, while the 3.0-litre version falls intro group 10A. In terms of list price, the Hilux is cheaper than all of its rivals bar the Mitsubishi L200, and the top-spec Hilux Invincible comes with plenty of standard kit. Service intervals are frequent at each 10,000 miles, but as the Hilux is classed as a commercial vehicle, those entitled to claim back VAT can do so.

Go for the range-topping Toyota HiLux SR5 4×2 and automatic air-conditioning, dusk-sensing headlights and a 6.1-inch touch screen satellite navigation system are all new features. Double Cab V6 petrol 4×4 models also gain vehicle stability control (ESC), traction control, electronic brake-force distribution and brake assist.

New Toyota Hilux 2013 2014 Car model is available in different color in Auto markets .

this Toyota Hilux 2015 2016 is in Dark green mica metallic color.

Dark-green-mica-metallic-new-hilux-2013 2014 picture with price

In Dark Grey Mica metallic color Toyota hilux 2015 2016 also looks awesome.


Some people like blue color in vehicle so new toyota Hilux is also available in Blue color.


If you like car in red color then there is no problem . Toyota Hilux new model is available in Red color.


white color is a universal color and all over the world people prefer to take white color vehicle. New Toyota-Hilux model is available in Super white color and in Gulf countries white color vehicles have more resale value then any other color vehicle.


New Toyota Hilux 2016 has the price in Dubai starting from Dh-61000 and in Saudi Arabia this car is available in SAR 66400 – 78400 Single Cabin and SAR 69860 – 99950 Double Cabin. In Pakistan and India Latest Toyota Hilux 2016 is available in Rs.2800000 and Rs.170000. In USA new Toyota Hilux2016 price start from 18450$.new toyota hilux 2016 price in Philippines starting from P 1,420,000.00.

  • Single Cabin Toyota Hilux 2 Door Picture


Toyota Hilux 2016 interior is available in two color and below picture is red color interior of Toyota-Hilux.

interior-view-of-new-toyota-hilux-car-2013 2014 picture


Latest-Toyota-Hilux-2013-2014-Interior Picture


This is interior view of hilux 2016.

new-2013 2014-Toyota-Hilux-Interior-leather-seats-picture

The safety goes beyond the structural designs to ensure maximum protection for driver and passengers. The New Hilux Turbo double wishbone suspension, SRS airbags, seatbelts and Anti-lock braking system compliment the vehicle’s power, offering solid safety while you challenge any and all obstacles that are on your road. The HiLux has anti-lock braking on the front disc/rear drum set-up, with electronic brakeforce distribution and brake assist, stability and traction control, dual front, front-side and curtain airbags. The front height-adjustable seatbelts have pre-tensioners and load limiters but the rear pew has a lap-only belt.

Toyota Hilux has ABS braking system.


Toyota Hilux 2015 2016 is using brake Pedal and steering column impact absorption technology.


what is Toyota-Hilux 2016 Engine Specification?

Toyota Hilux is available in 2.7L or 2.0L petrol engine as well and in four different version of diesel engine.Toyota Hilux 2015 2016 has VVT-I engine.

Toyota-Hilux-2013-2014-2.7L-2.0L Petrol-Engine picture



toyota-hilux-diesel-engine 2013 2014 picture

what are Advanced features of New Model Hilux.

Toyota-Hilux-2013-2014-Advanced-technologies features

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