Forex trading guidelines ,tips , Strategies and tutorial

In this article we cover Basics of Forex trading guidelines ,tips and some knowledge to start a new business in Forex market.

What is Forex trading?


Forex-trading-tipsThere are many sites about Forex trading at internet and people are making money within day after understanding of Forex trading tactics. In this Article we will cover a detail description about Forex trading and basics of Forex trading.
Many people don’t know what is Forex trading ? what are the basics for Forex trading ?
From which point I can start Forex trading business? These all are basic questions which want to know to start a smart business and earn money by forex trading business.

What is Forex trading, in simplest definitions Forex trading is business of different currencies with each other.
Every country or different geographically area’s of the world have different currency.
Currency refers to a generally accepted medium of exchange people all around the world used different currencies for doing business. So when people exchange different currencies by itself with each other that business is called Forex trading.


If you are moving from USA to Japan and In Japan you want to purchase any thing for your normal life you have to pay them in YEN. So you need to some exchange of currency form dollar to YEN before traveling.

If you want to import some good from USA then you have to pay that company in Dollar so for payment of that company you will change local currency to Dollar.
So in short business of exchanging the different currency is called Forex trading.

In all over the world FOREX trading is largest volume of business.

what is forex trading

How people are making profit from Forex trading?

Simple answer is that when you want to covert any currency to other currency so will consult a broker and to broker you pay a high rate when you buy foreign currency and get a low rate when you sell. So this is simple rule for earning the money from Forex trading.

Forex Market is world Largest Financial market.

The foreign exchange market is the most liquid financial and unique market in the world. Traders include large banks, central banks, institutional investors, currency speculators, corporations, governments, other financial institutions, and retail investors. The average daily turnover in the global foreign exchange and related markets is continuously growing.


Am I ready to start the Forex trading?


This is simple question to whom everyone is confuse and ask from himself that when I feel I am ready about start the forex trading.
Before you can get started with Forex trading, there are so many questions to answer and a lot of learning is required to start forex trading.


Choose a broker :

First of all to start the forex trading business you need to choose a broker.
It is important to review and compare the options of each broker closely and choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable.
Is this broker registered with any regulating authorities?
Always check the reputation of a forex broker in market and from internet you can check its company website license copy to start a forex trading company.Must chooses a broker that is stable and user-friendly.When looking for a broker, always check what its trading platform has to offer. To start a forex business must pick a broker that you could easily contact when problems arise.



Open a Demo Account.


Pick at least two brokers that fits most of your criteria and open up demo accounts. first checked your broker by Demo account .We strongly advise you DEMO trade first.
After the demo account you need to open a trading account by your name.
After finalize the suitable broker for you, you can now open a new online trading account in three simple steps:
1. Selecting an account type like personal or business name.
2. Registration of your business.
3. Activating your account
You need to choose bank account type weather at your own name or by company name.
After choosing the account type you need to register that account which required some paper work.
For registration you need to fill one form which you can get from your broker and after the submission of form your account will be activated.


What is Leverage? Why I need to understand Leverage to start a Forex business.


In Forex trading leverage is most common term and in very hour of business you will hear this term so you must have knowledge about leverage term in forex trading. In financial terms, leverage is reinvesting debt in an effort to earn greater return than the cost of interest. Leverage is a business term that refers to borrowing. If a business is “leveraged,” it means that the business has borrowed money to finance the purchase of assets. The other way to purchase assets is through use of owner funds, or equity or by direct payment in currency.
Must keep in mind that if the company has too much borrowing, it may not be able to pay back all of its debts. So that company is not suitable for forex business.

Forex brokers typically offer anywhere from 50:1 leverage up to 400:1 leverage. So you need a deep understanding of leverage.

Leverage allows a firm to do investment in assets that have the possibility to generate high returns. Unfortunately, a leveraged firm brings about additional risk because if the investment does not provide the returns expected, the firm still has to pay back the debt and interest.


Practice Reading Charts


For any job or business most important thing is that you should have a good knowledge and understanding of Charts because Charts is easiest and simplest method to show business condition.
By visualizing in short time you can get overviews of your business condition and market trends. So before you start making trades you should get familiar with charts and how they work.

After understanding the basic factor you should have knowledge about most common currencies for Forex business.





Commonly Traded Currency Pairs of world are as follow.

Forex trading can be done in any different two currency but in world major pair of currency are USA dollar exchange with JAPAN yen. Euro with USA dollar and British pound with USA Dollar.

USD/JPY – US Dollar and the Japanese Yen
EUR/USD – Euro and US Dollar
USD/CHF – US Dollar and Swiss franc
GBP/USD – British Pound and US Dollar

Forex trading is a constant learning experience. Trading mistakes can be expensive. If you learn from those mistakes and do your best to avoid them in the future, you can become a very successful Forex trader. Any attempt to trade without analysis and studying the market is equal to a game but in game you find only FUN but in business you no chance to loose money. Many factor affect the Forex trading market business in which Economic factors , Political conditions , Market psychology are more important.
A detail analysis, deep understanding and clever tactics are need to make profit from Forex trading account. We advised you in starting never risk more than 4-5% of the total trading account. Keep you emotions down because it’s a business by a small mistake you can lose huge money and be patients and always invest after analyzing the time factor.

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