Ford Car Test For Accident At Speed 120KM/Hour

Ford Motor Company is a USA multinational automaker based in Dearborn, Michigan, U.S. and ford become second largest manufacturer of Car in USA.
Ford is very popular brand in USA and mostly USA citizen all around the world prefer to use FORD car specially now its gaining popularity in GULF region.

Founder of this company is Henry Ford and he establishes an automaker company with his own name in June-16th 1093.Now it has more then 164000 employee.

Ford is the second largest automaker in the America and the fifth-largest in the world based on annual vehicle sales in 2010. At the end of 2010, Ford was the fifth largest automaker in Europe. Ford is the eighth-ranked overall American-based company in the 2010 Fortune 500 list, based on global revenues in 2009 of $118.3 billion.

This is really very shocking news that car got accident when it was tested for its fastest and high speed it happens when Ford car was tested for its speed car tester was driving the car very high speed and suddenly car got accident and this accident was so shocking that people present there said that car was so bad that it destroyed completely car company said that cars are often tested at high speed to check their reliability and other things that weather the car is in perfect condition and company had never experience such type of disastrous accident. the company claimed that this accident was planned intentionally to show the people who drive that car at high speed to show them the loss in result of high speed .