Final Year Project proposal for Telecommunications billing System with Fraud Prevention Sopport.

Fraud Prevention of telecomunication system is great idea for Graduate and post graduate students at both college and university level.

This is great Final Year Project proposal for software engineering students.
This is very good proposal of Final Year Project proposal for Computer Engineering and telecommunication students.

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Final Year Project Proposal :

Telecommunications billing System with Fraud Prevention Sopport Project propsal.

Our project “Telecommunication Billing System with Fraud Prevention Support” addresses various issues in telecommunication system. Our project comprises of two modules. The inner complete module is billing system, above that is module of fraud prevention, which prevents the fraud in telecommunication network.

Billing involves gathering data for customer use and the provision of features, calculating costs, and sends the record to the customer for payment. A company’s ability to represent and bill accurately for these newer and more complex services will become a bigger challenge over the next few years. The issues which our billing system deals with are accuracy, reliability and availability of information regarding customer’s use and services.

A fraud management system is then to be implemented to detect and curb the fraudulent activity in the network. This, typically, is a sophisticated software solution that intelligently profiles each subscriber and alerts operators of possible fraudulent activity in a timely fashion. It is very critical to understand the peculiarities of the market and the behavior of fraudsters within the network before the solution is selected. An intelligent selection has to be made after a thorough study of the various options will lead to a steep decline in the loss due to fraud.


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