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Final-Year-Project-Proposal for Software Engineering:
Final-Year-Project Proposal for Computer Science Student.
Final Year Project Proposal for Computer Science Student.
Project-proposal-for-Final-year Project:
Idea for Final-Year-Project.

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Final-year-project-ideas-for University students

HTML CODE GENERATOR is a great idea for final year project for both college and university students.

The project “HTML CODE GENERATOR” is application software. This software is basically web based software. This software will basically generate the code of HTML to built static web pages. It facilitates both basic and advance level users. It has additional functionality of JavaScript. It will support the very basic and common tags of html. Advance user can modify the code according to his/her own requirements. This software will provide following facilities to its users.

1. HTML Tags
2. Jscript
3. Help
Our software will provide the facility to build the static web pages to its user by generating the code in html. It will also provide the functionality of JavaScript on basic level that ensures different checks on client side.
Generation of code from this software will help the users to generate rapid application because generation of html code will make their work easy and fewer efforts will be required to build the web pages.
As the actual users of this software will be student of computer sciences, experts in computer field, web developers and those which are interested to learn the web development.
The System also provides a very good Technical Support in the form of the tutorial so that user can easily use the system and can enjoy the facilities provided by this system.
The Interface of the system is developed keeping in mind that it should be good looking, attract at first sight, easy to understand and self-explanatory.

HTML CODE GENERATOR is a good proposal of Final Year Project proposal for Computer science students.
HTML CODE GENERATOR is great idea for Graduate and post graduate students at both college and university level.

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