Final Year Project Latest proposal for software engineering students : Penetration detection and network incident response toolkit

This is a great Final Year Project proposal for software engineering students.
This is a Paramount proposal of Final Year Project proposal for Computer Engineering students.
Penetration detection and network incident response toolkit is great idea for Graduate and post graduate students at both college and university level.

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Penetration detection and network incident response toolkit

Network security is an important issue in any organization that manages electronic data with a LAN or that has access to an insecure public WAN such as the Internet. Many different types of threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronically-stored information all exist and suitable security measures are necessary to mitigate them. Attacks on network security can be conducted internally (e.g., by malicious employees of the organization) or externally (e.g., by hackers). In both cases, the methods of conducting, detecting, and defending against attacks differ. Additionally, an attack on the security of a network or its host may exploit vulnerabilities in any of four layers of the protocol stack: data-link, network, transport and application. The types of attacks in each of these layers uniquely exploit features in the design of the layers. As a result, there are a large number of attacks that may be conducted, although the number of actual attacks that will work will depend vastly on technical details of the specific network being attacked.This project will study and implement a host-based penetration detection system, and an incident response (forensic) toolkit geared specially towards investigation of network intrusions (hacking). The penetration detection system will execute on a host (e.g., in Windows or Linux) and will regularly check for activity indicative of hacking or malicious behavior (e.g., worm infection). The system will take some suitable action to inform the authorities of the intrusion/security threat and may also try to contain or eliminate it if possible. The incident response toolkit will include forensic tools that will be useful for investigating hacking incidents (e.g., tools to identify the vulnerability on the host that was exploiting, further compromised hosts, and the identity of the attacker).


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