Fault Registration System

Designing of the Fault Registration System for Telecommunication Company (TCL). The main idea is to automate the currently working fault management system of TCL with new features in order to get efficient results with less effort. The system will receive complaint from the user and then there will be automatic searching against that phone number and the required information (e.g. name, address, cabinet no etc) will be retrieved. As each SDO has a specific range of cabinets (10-15) so with the help of cabinet number, the respective SDO will be searched. Then that SDO will send one of his linemen to recover the fault for a particular complaint. Now all the information gathered by lineman (e.g. open\close, fault type, recovered\not etc) will be provided to SDO to enter in database.
The system will generate monthly and annual reports. The performance reports of lineman and SDO will also be generated by the system. All the information required for report generation will be stored in databases. Daily reports will be generated at the end of the day and with the help of these reports, monthly and annual reports will be generated.
The Interface of the system is developed keeping in mind that it should be good looking, attract at first sight, easy to understand and self-explanatory. Our interfaces have professional look as we are doing this project for a professional company. We are also providing help to the users even though our expecting users are already interacting with a similar system.
The system is also equipped with state of security features, which enables only the authorized people to view or modify the sensitive information. For implementing this feature all the users of the system are provided with different rights each user can only modify and access certain information.


Final-year-project-new unique idea for University students

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