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Animals are the stunning living things created by God. Often people got scared and got feared by animals because most of the forest animals are huge strong and powerful. But there are some animals who hunt the other animals in the jungle to eat so every animal has to safe his life from the other. The most important factor or ability to safe life is fast speed of the animals. Animals that can run fast and have ability to run faster then the other animals got successful and lives long life in jungle. Here is the collection of the fastest animals’ pictures 2012. You can read the list of fastest running animals.


Lion the king of jungle and most beautiful and brave and heavy weight animal of the world. It is hard to believe that lion is belong to the cat family but the lion is fearless and fastest running animal of the world. Lion is the best hunter and its roar is enough to make scary to the other animals of the forest. Lions are usually found in the jungles of Western Europe, Asia and Africa. Lions have normal weight of 500 to 760 pounds and their running speed is about 54 mph. lions life limit is about 11 to 16 years

fastest animal 2012


Cheetah a beautiful and fastest and speediest animal of the world and forest. Cheetah is amazing and shocking ability to run fast its running speed is approximately 73 mph which unbelievable. Cheetah has beautiful skin and so as its hunting tricks it just snatch its prey and then eat it up in a second it has sharp teeth and eye sight .. Cheetah is usually found in Asia, Africa and in whole Europe. Its life limit is about 8 to 23 years and its normal weight is about 120 to 160 pounds. Cheetah is one of the fastest animals in the world.

most fastest animal 2012

Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse is fastest running animal and also the fastest running horse among all the types of horses. Its speed is about 50mph .quarter horse is the popular and most expensive horse 2012. These horses are mostly use in horse racing and people love to participate in the horses with their quarter horses. They are very fast, quick and strong power horses.

fastest racing horse 2012

Cape Hunting Dog

Hunting Dog as dogs are the fastest animals we all know their hunting power is so strong and they can sniff their prey very quickly and then catch them in a minute and they often hunt large animals. Hunting dogs are wild, violent and aggressive by nature. They can run at 46 mph and their normal weight is about 50 to 85 pounds and life limit is about 10 to 20 years.

world fastest dog 2012

Gray Fox

Gray fox is one of the fastest running animals on the earth its running speed is approximately 43 mph its normal is in between 9 to 18 pounds and its life limit is about 4 to 9 years. Gray Fox is dangerous looking animal it is very much quick it can easily clime the heighted trees by which they can easily safe them from the other forest animals. Gary fox usually found in Canada, North America and north Colombia.

world fastest animal 2012


Coyote is one of the fastest animals of the world. it can run approximately 45mph and its normal weight is about 25 to 50 pounds and life limit is near to 8 to 16 years. it is very dangerous , strong and powerful animal. It has strong sniffing power and their preys are often small animals. These animals are hunting power is also very strong and they easily snatch their prey

world  most fastest animal 2012


Elk is one of the fastest and violent animals in the jungle. its average speed is about 48 mph. and its normal weight is about 530 to 710 pounds and they usually found in North America and East Asia¬† their life is limit is around about 11 to 15 years. Elk is from the family of deer’s and similarly they have big horns and smart legs with fastest running ability

world fast running animal 2012


Wildebeest is one of the fastest animals of the forest and its speed is near 52 mph and its normal weight is about 523 to 616 pounds and their life limit is about 15 to 23 years. They also large and strong horns like deers and they found in the Africa. they often beat their prey with their powerful horns

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Pronghorn antelope

Pronghorn is world fastest animal its speed is about 63mph and they usually North America and Africa. They have large body parts which support its fastest speed ability. Their life limit is around about 7 to 13 years and their normal weight is about 88 to 131 pounds. They have fastest hunting power and strong body structure.

fastest animal of the world


Springbok is fastest animal on the earth they can run at fast speed and their speed is about 58 mph and life limit is near to 8 t0 10 years and there body weight is about 86 to 106 pounds. They are not heavy weight animal they have slim legs but they have ability to fast.

springbok pictures 2012