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Friendship,Love and Romance are the beautiful things in the world.there is nothing else in this world can be compare with these feelings.Friends are important in your life to share your secrets and fun.Love makes your life more colorful and bright with its sweet and sour memories and feelings and Romance is the feeling which can not be explained in words it is one of the sweetest and lovely time in the life of boy and girl.when you fall in love you just out of this world and you have strong attraction and fascination towards the other person.Romance  is the significant and friendly feeling or an exciting attraction to another person.people who fall in love or feel the deepness of this feeling they can understand the real meanings of Romance and Love.the most attractive thing in this world is Love. Love drives you crazy and mad about the other person it makes your life or sometimes hurts you badly but love is so wonderful feeling that you didn’t feel any pain and feel happy in every kind of brings many changes in your life it brings breathtaking and wonderful dreams and imaginations in your life  but sometime you cant even sleep because the you feel that reality is much more beautiful then the dreams and imagination it also make you passionate and drive you nuts.Love is desire and wish of every person everybody person want to feel love and want to be loves madly by someone there is only one pleasure in life to love and be loved but there only few people in world who got the real and true love in means of their life partner.Love is the strong strong affection and attachment towards the lover it cannot be seen and touched it can only be felt by heart.

Now days the social media is very much in our society and almost everybody like use these plate-forums to communicate with other people and for staying in touch with their friends and family members.there are many thing you can do these social networking sites many people share their point of views and opinions and some share their experience and most of the people love to share poetry and pictures and different , unique and funny photos according to their interest.

if you are searching for the Love Pictures to share on Facebook ,Romantic photos to share on Facebook then you are at right place here i have the collection latest Love quotes pictures 2012 to share on Facebook.most romantic love couple pictures with quotes to share on you can also have  cute child love photos with quotes and romantic quotes photos to share on Facebook.Hope you like it.




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