E-News Agency Final year project proposal for Programming and IT students.

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E_News Agency final year project proposal for Programming and IT students.

Information Technology Revolution has made it possible to maintain information for management at each level to their task and business. One of the most power full relational database management systems is used to maintain the huge with the required passage of time, giving information in multimedia format and many more formats. One such product, the most modern and popular technology in the world, is .NET technology. Its powerful framework supports managed code, support for larger databases like SQL server etc and allow developer to create and design any complex type of software design quickly and efficiently and to use them most effectively.

The E_News Agency is developed for Associated Press of Pakistan using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 RDBMS as the back-end and the modern .NET Technology with C# language tool as the front-end under the Windows 2000/XP family.
The E_News Agency will help to archive hundreds of daily news in their predefined categories of the Dewey Decimal System. For the time being it is a centralized system but may be shifted to distributed in the future. The hardware and software requirements have already been decided. The comprehensive study of the existing manual system to design the new computerized system with the available hardware and software resources for obtaining meaningful results keeping in the view the future requirements.

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