New Lamborghini Aventador Car Handed Over to Dubai Patrolling Police

The General Command of Dubai Police has launched Lamborghini Aventador patrol car. The Dhirham 2 million Lamborghini Aventador car is capable of speeds of up to 350 kilo meter per hour and can reach at its speed 100kph in 2.9 seconds. This is a luxury sports Lamborghini Avantador car has joined the Dubai Police Security Patrols service. A 700 horsepower patrol car may be very useful for high-speed car chases. The exclusive vehicle, the price of which exceeds Dh2 million, will enter the service to confirm Dubai as a metropolis of luxury and grandeur in all the services it provides. Most of time this car will patrol in tourist area like Dubai marina, Burj khalifa area , surrounding area of Dubai mall.

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Main purpose of this car is to show the tourist that Dubai police is full of latest equipment and this car is loaded with special security equipment and foreigner feel safe when they see Dubai police in world fastest car Lamborghini Aventador car. Now next step of Dubai police is to buy Bugatti veryon which is also one the fastest car in the world. All over the Dubai people like to see Dubai police in fastest sport car and people feel safer. This latest patrol car of Dubai police came as part of intensifying attention and promoting all vehicles with equipment and keep up with the highest international standards. This latest patrol car has been designed according to Dubai Police specifications and will help Dubai police to chase the people if they break any law at road. According to The Dubai police spokes person, the specially modified $550,000 car is considered the world’s most expensive patrol vehicle; capable of speeds up to 217mph.Dubai is most secure city in Gulf.

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Lamborghini was revealed its targa-topped Aventador Roadster in last year so this is latest model of Lamborghini which Dubai government purchased for police patrolling. As some history of this car The Aventador sports a 6.5 litre V12 engine that enables it to top out at an incredible 217mph. built as a replacement for the Murcielago, production is set to be limited to 4000 units. The Aventador went in to production in 2011, and is one of only two models on the market today, the other being the Gallardo and available for sale in 2012.this car has best safety features and has best engine performance.
People like this step which is taken by Dubai government to make this city more secure for foreigner.

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Dubai Police patrolling in Dubai Marina Area. Mostly expats are living in this area and this is most expensive area of Dubai.


this is Latest Lamborghini Aventador Car in public in Dubai City.

Lamborghini-Avantador-Dubai-Police-car-2013 2014 wallpaper

Dubai-Police-Lamborghini-Avantador-car-2013 2014

Price of this car is approximately 2 million dhirham or $550000 (£359000).

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if you love Dubai police then you can set this picture as wallpaper at your mobile or desktop PC to give little bit courage and appreciation to Dubai government.

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Dubai Police latest Patrol Car Lamborghini has number plate 8.