Woman Fashion Latest Idea:Dress made by toffees Rappers.

Woman Fashion Latest Idea:Dress made by toffees Rappers:
Everyone want to look good and different then others and specially woman has keen interest in fashion.whole fashion industry is depend on woman.
Fashion Industry earn a lot from woman.Woman always try to find new and latest fashion trends and they try to adopt new fashion style and trend.

In USA one student of graduation Tara fery wear a dress which was completely prepare with Rapper of toffees.Her mother Kerrine and tara ferry collect thousand of toffee rapper for her special dress in final graduation party.She wear this special dress in her Graduating party and everyone in party appreciate her.

The fashion industry consists of four levels and sectors 1. the production of raw materials, 2.principally fibres and textiles ,3. the production of fashion goods by designers, manufacturers, contractors, and 4. retail sales and various forms of advertising and promotion.

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