My Dream Intelligent Personnel Assistant Mobile



Sometimes I just thinking about my dream mobile which can do everything for me. No-doubt every day our world is moving towards advanced technology. Every mobile company wants to make their products innovative.i just want to make a mobile device and a hardware device just like a smart phone but will have the ability to learn from my decisions and evolve hence capable of provides suggestions to you and with time even capable of making decision by itself on on my behalf. The Personnel assistant mobile which will be also my dream mobile will have the ability to charge from surrounding electromagnetic waves/fields and body heat and will have other features for example:

  • No need to take tension about its charging can be charge from body heat or electromagnetic waves.
  • it check my mood and set the wallpaper of mobile phone according to my mood.
  • Make a record of my decision and give me opinion is my every day problem.
  • Detecting your Geo location and hence providing you help like mulch-language translation support and best traffic routing via GPS.
  • Direct satellite connection for 24/7 uninterrupted service/internet connection.
  • Looking at your schedule and replying to an incoming invitation for a party/get together.
  • Fully voice functional.
  • Ability to provide you suggestion about your schedule/adjusting your schedule as it best fits.
  • Behavior based detection of messages hence informing you about the important ones only.
  • Practically 100% unbreakable and stealth proof/secure.