What is distance learning education | Advantages/Disadvantages of Distance learning education

• What is distance learning? What is meaning of distance learning?

Have you ever question what is distance learning? Why people prefer distance learning methodology of learning rather to become full time university or college student.
Now world turn into too much competition environment that everyone wants to enhance his/her capabilities and qualification for career growth.

distance_learningWhether your goal is career development, professional development or learning something new you need to take admission in university or college and regularly participate in class.
Now world becomes a global village and everyone is too much busy in his daily life that it’s very difficult to take some time free from busiest daily life.

So now in world wide new method of learning is getting popularity which is know as Distance learning education.

Distance learning is the process of transferring knowledge to students who are far away from the tutor by time at the time of teaching and different medium are used to transfer the knowledge to students like CDs, DVD or online conference by help of intranet or internet.

Now many universities around the world offer the full online degree programs.

• There is how many methods of distance leaning education?

There are two method of distance learning, one method is synchronous and asynchronous.

In Synchronous methods student and instruct or both participate in real time. They can interact each other like a student can interact in class room .For Synchronous teleconference ,online video streaming classes and student can Question and answer at real and have direct interaction with each other.

distance_learningIn asynchronous method students and instructor has not direct interaction and lecture is recorded at DVD ,CD or upload at internet .A student can listen the lecture at any time .In this method of distance learning ,student and teacher has not direct interaction and if student have any question they can interact with teacher by Email ,or telephone. Asynchronous method of distance learning is more flexible in time.

• Who Uses Distance Learning?

Distance learning can be used by any one like military officers, graduate students, university level study students and specially professional who’s are working in different area of field and want to enhance their qualifications with their job. Now many multinational companies are adopting this process of learning because by distance learning they can save their cost and by distance learning they can easily do their staff development and trained their staff for new technology, products or any other field. Now many universities are offering online degree in different field like accounting, engineering, business management, nursing and human resource management etc.

• What Technology is used for Online Distance Learning?

Different technologies are used for distance learning like Cds, DVDs, web conferencing or dedication Tv channels like in Pakistan virtual university is broadcast its two dedicated TV channel only for distance learning.

What are benefits of Distance learning?

Advantages of Distance learning:

• Distance learning has many advantages to normal studying in university or college.
• Distance learning education is flexible in location. From any where you can learn like from home, from cafeteria or from beech.
• Your can travel easily during you distance learning education courses. By interment you can access you education material easily.

Advantages of Distance learning• Distance learning is flexible in time, you can set you schedule according to you office or other work schedule.
• A distance learning phenomenon is getting popular in rural area of world. There is no need to transfer you residence near to large city. You can get quality education even you are living far away from university or colleges.
• Distance learning save your time and money in term of hostel residence.
• Distance learning is best for professional who’s wants to boost their career with higher education.
• In distance learning education normally you get full online support from your instructor by email or by phone call.


Disadvantages of distance learning, online education or e-learning:


• Distance learning has more advantages then disadvantages. But we should discuss and keep in mind some disadvantages of distance learning.

• In distance learning students have not direct eye interaction like in class room you can access your instructor easily and ask the question directly.

• In distance learning student have to pay more for CDs, DVD or fast internet connection.

• Some Top universities are not offering their course online. So you have stuck yourself only at offered courses.

• In distance learning students face some time feedback delay about their queries.

• Distance learning student also feel social isolation. Distance learners may feel isolated or miss that social physical interaction that comes with attending a traditional classroom.Lack of communications skills are noticed in Distance learning education Students.

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