Latest and New Final Year Project proposal images processing

  • Latest and New Final Year Project proposal images processing

Digitalization Of Medical Image is great idea for Graduate and post graduate students at both college and university level.

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Digitalization Of Medical Image.

“Digitalization Of Medical Image” is a project concerned with and meant for the enhancement of Medical Images i.e. X-Rays, Angiograms etc. The objective and theme of the project is to have a software that could enhance medical images to have their best features visible to the user i.e. doctors and likes. Different enhancement techniques from different domains are applied, in order to attain the desired enhancement in the images. This software can prove to be extremely beneficial at places, where the X-Ray machines etc have worn out, and the quality of X-Rays is suffering due to this fact. This software, after the X-Rays have been obtained, can process them and can produce extremely desirable and appealing results.

The Image Enhancement techniques are divided in to two modules one is spatial domain and second is frequency domain . These modules contains such as contrast stretching, map each grey level into another grey level by a predetermined transformation. An example is the Histogram equalization method, where the input grey levels are mapped so that the output grey level distribution is uniform. The Histogram of an image represents the relative frequency of occurrence of the various grey levels in the image. Histogram –modeling techniques modify an image so that its histogram has a desired shape. This is useful in stretching the low-contrast levels of images with narrow histograms. Histogram modeling has been found to be a powerful technique for image enhancement.

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