The Differential equation Analyzer and Solver is an application that helps to analyze the first order and first degree differential equation and gives an easy and quick solution of Separable and Linear form of the differential equations. This software gets input from the user in the form of equation and gives the analyzed form of the differential equation .If the user wants to solve the analyzed form of differential equation then it solves the differential equation in step-by-step.

This project is a tool for analyzing and solving differential equation. The solution of differential equation involves partial differentiators and Integrator. The derivative and integration are difficult in the field of mathematics. It will save time and effort. Knowledge is a gift of Almighty ALLAH to man. Man is acquiring and imparting it. He has transferred it through lectures and writings. He has established institution for it. Our project is an effort to spread this project of Differential Equation Solver and Analyzer to maximum number of knowledge seekers.

Author: farah

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