Latest Beautiful Deserts wallpapers 2012~2013

When we thing about desert usually sand, heat, dryness, and too much difficult life comes in our mind, actually desert is the place where rain ration is less than 10 inches annually ,
Today we select the latest and beautiful photography of desert and these picture are perfectly taken by professional photographer and we also include some picture which are taken by professional photographer of national geographic television photographer whose take a tour of all world desert and he capture the world beautiful desert scene by his camera .i am sure you will like our latest and beautiful collection of world beautiful and driest deserts. Deserts have a unique beauty in their own and there are many desert in which world most dangerous animal live so its not an easy to go in desert and take the photography.In this article we give you some basic information of world beautiful deserts and some pictures which are best for wallpaper for mobiles and desktop PC.So its time to change the wallpaper of your widescreen pc to desert beautiful pictures. These are latest and new collection of desert wallpapers of 2012 and 2013. Some picture are old which are taken few year back but still when I saw these picture I didn’t stop myself to share with you all these beautiful collections of desert wallpapers.
top-ten-world-largest-deserts-2012-2013Almost about 15% of the earth is desert in spite of all these reasons some desert are most beautiful, amazing and color full. Lovely scene of deserts will not give you sinking feelings inside. Now look these deserts are colorful and attractive. Blue desert (salar deuyum) in bolivan.It is located in south America, it is so large, and looks like crystals of salt. The sun shines reflected there when sky seems in ground in different shades of blue colors. Red desert (simpson desert ) is in Australia , its color is red due to faric oxide. White desert is in Egypt, it is 45 km north of Sahara. Black desert is also located in Egypt, it is full of black stones and looks very amazing. Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world, it is located in Africa, in is 9-million square km large. Antarctica desert, it is the driest desert , it is humid desert.
These picture are best to use as a background and these are beautiful desert backgrounds. If you wan to use as screen saver of these picture then you can use desert screensavers. Mostly there is no rain in desert and desert are part of earth where you found water very rarely. Eagle is beautiful bird which can survive in desert and here you can found desert eagle wallpapers.

These are world top ten largest deserts .

  • Antarctic Desert is world largest deserts.
  • Arctic Desert is at 2nd place of world largest deserts.
  •  Sahara Desert is located in Africa and is at 3rd place of world largest deserts.
  •  Arabian Desert is in middle east.
  •  Gobi Desert is in Aisa.
  • Kalahari Desert is Africa.
  • Patagonian Desert in South America.
  • Great Victoria Desert is in Australia.
  • Syrian desert is in middle east.
  • Great Basin Desert is North America.