Most Dangerous animals of world 2012-2013

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Animals are always said the attractive and one of the amazing creation. All animals on the earth or underwater are really mysterious and prettiest living things. There are some animals which are small in size and have beautiful looks and there some animals which are very large in size and also very dangerous with wild and horrible looks.. Charming animals like colorful birds, beautiful ducks and appealing fishes sound very peaceful but some animals are very dangerous and violent to human beings and often cause the death. Now many animals’ types had become species world wide.Not only the large and strong animals cause destruction but  small and little animals like harmful spiders, fly, mosquito are killing animals. Here is the list of the World Most dangerous animals 2012.many people think who is world most dangerous animal.which animal is most dangerous at earth. Here we select and make a complete list of world most dangerous animal.


Leopards are the fastest and dangerous animals of the world and as well as of the forest. Leopards are real hunters and they use to hunt forest animals like dears, wild cows and many other animals of this type. Leopards can run speedily and quickly and snatch animals for their food. Leopards are very strong and dodgy animals.

most fastest animal


Hippopotamus is very hazardous and heaviest animal on the earth. It is so horrible that when you look at it you must get afraid .it is usually found in Africa region and said that it is very violent animal and can mash human being in a second. Its large is enough to fear anybody.

most heaviest animal of the world

African Elephant

Elephants are always known as the heavy and largest animal on the earth. It is very dangerous and risky animal. Elephants can mash human beings and other animals in a second it can destroy whole population when they got violent their huge size. People often got scared through elephants.Elephant is also include in most dangerous animal of earth.

most dangerous animal

Saltwater Crocodile

Saltwater Crocodile is so much dangerous crocodile in the family of crocodile. it is the water animal but can eat and swallow a person or other animals in a minute like buffalos, cows , bears and dears what ever it founds in its surroundings. it just swallow its prey and kills it.No-doubt its also world most dangerous animal.

most dangerous crocodile of the world


Mosquito is very small and little animal but do not go to its small size it is the most dangerous animal on of the world. Many people do not notice of these small flies but it can cause millions of death per year all over the world. It is very much poisonous and dangerous animal. it causes many serious dieses like malaria and dengue which the killing disease.

most dangerous animal

Wandering Spider

Wandering Spider is the most poisonous and deadly spider in the world. it is most dangerous animal among the spider family. This spider can be found anywhere but mostly it hides itself in some dark corners. this spider is very much dangerous and risky .

dangerous animal 2012

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragon is the most dangerous animal it is found in the Indonesia and near islands and it is also the biggest lizard. It is very horrible looking animal it is said that it can swallow larger animals like cows, bears, zebras, birds and many other big animals. It is really very dangerous animal on of the world.

most horrible animal

Carpet Viper

Carpet Viper is most dangerous animal in the family of the snakes and it is very killing and poisonous and risky snakes. They can kill anybody and swallow large animals in a minute. Carpet viper bite is so hazardous and often it causes death of the victim.

most dangerous snake

Tse Fly

Tse small fly is very poisonous and cause of many deaths. These flies are very risky and killing fly. When this fly sucks or cut the human body that many kill the person. Due to these hazardous flies thousands people die world wide.

most dangerous fly