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Our project titled, as Crime Analysis system is basically an analysis system for crimes.. This project is related to Police Department specially for Rescue 15.Crime Analysis System can be used by NGO’s for calculating crime ratio in Pakistan. It is a more generalized project and can be used by any company interested in crime analysis. Priory,there is no such computerized system in Pakistan.It is very difficult for crime monitoring agencies to store, manage & retrieve data regarding crimes. There is no source visible for crime analysts to resort to, when data is required to analyze any critical situation, crime density in a certain area or crime ascent rate in certain locality .This project will provide a centralized information and analysis of different categories of crimes for scientific research and for calculation of crime ratio.
Will use VB.Net for front end as it is user friendly and most commonly used in business applications and SQL Server 2000 for back end which is a relational data base itself.

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