Best HD widescreen Ferrari Sports Car Wallpapers

La-Ferrari is most stylish and most beautiful Ferrari which is first time unveiled at Geneva Switzerland Auto-show in 2013. Today I share with you latest picture of La-Ferrari and detailed review with all technical specifications. La-Ferrari is first hybrid car which gives you best fuel consumption. La-Ferrari is great super car by Italian auto-maker.The La-Ferrari is the first mild hybrid from Ferrari, providing the highest horsepower of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent. The La-Ferrari is the first completely in-house designed Ferrari, not receiving any input from Pininfarina. Latest La-Ferrari Car model is designed by Flavio Manzoni. Flavio Manzoni is an Italian architect and automobile designer of supercars and everyday vehicles, such as Ferrari, Lancia, Volkswagen, SEAT. He born at January 1965.He was born in Nuoro, Sardinia. The LaFerrari is the first ever Ferrari to integrate the dynamic control systems with active aerodynamics and the hybrid system. this is complete luxury sports car with very stylish interior.

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Latest World Tallest Hotel JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Wallpapers 2016

When we talk about the tallest buildings of the world then the first name hits the mind is Dubai there is world tallest building in the Dubai called Burj Kahlifia and then Burj ul arab. There are many other distinct, beautiful and tallest buildings in the Dubai city. There are many amazing hotel building in the Dubai with amazing outlook and interiors. Today I am sharing the post about the world tallest hotel of Dubai JW Marriott Marquis. It is the world biggest and tallest hotel and popular all over the world.

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Lahore City Pakistan Beautiful HD Picture Widescreen Wallpaper 2016

Lahore is the most traditional and historical city of Pakistan. It is the second largest city of Pakistan and is also known as the capital of Punjab province. Lahore is famous for its historical background Lahore has beautiful city is also known as the city traditions and cultural the most followed cultural in Lahore are the mughal traditions and customs and after that Lahore is full of Punjabi people and Punjabi cultural and trends.

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