Mubashir Lucman and Mehar bukhari interview video leaked with Malik Riaz at Dunya TV

its a great video which is leaked by one employee of dunya tv and in this video it is clear that how much our anchor person like Mubashir Lucman and Mehar bukhari  are corrupt and after this video leak dunya tv suspended the Mubashir Lucman.

Mubashir Lucman and Mehar bukhari are exposed now and only one anchor person of media talat hussain is credible on which people of Pakistan can trust.

this video leaked at dunya tv.Mehar bukhari real face exposed at dunya tv.
Mubashir Lucman dunya tv video exposed at dunya tv.
real face of pakistani media anchor person and its video leaked at pakistani channel of television.

Mubashir Lucman and Mehar bukhari interview video with Malik Riaz at Dunya TV




Veena Malik item song Channo released

Veena Malik item song Channo released.

item song of veena malik video.

Veena malik hot song released.

veena malik is hot actress of pakistan film industry.she is hot and sexy actress.Her nude picture scandal is hot topic now a days and its become a big issue in pakistani media.All over world people take interest in her scandal of nude picture in FHM magazine. She start her career from fashion modling and gain popularity in short period of time.Now a very good and hit song on-air now and indian media give her a huge coverage.

China Military Show Up Shake up the Whole World.

China Miltary Show Up Shake up the Whole World. A great Display of military power by China that shake the world.

USA Army in tension after watching the live coverage by China military show up.New weapon shows by china army.there is war started between world tow largest Armies .

China Military and USA military are try to compete each other.USA military are tense after watching the show power of China military.New technologies war started between two armies of world.

America army have latest technology in which different cruise missiles and space technoligy included.Now China army start work at space world and in future people are expected a great war game will start between china and USA government.

Different Range of Missile show by China Army which can destroy the whole world with in 5 minute.

Latest Space technology is included in china army.

Space war occupancy war started between USA and China.Both Governments are a true danger for whole world humanity.

you can see detail of China Military show up at this video.