Light Festival 2016 Ghent Belgium

Most of people love to have lights around them.there are different colors of lights. lights make the impression of brightness and shine. some people like lights and their variety of colors and some people do not like so much lights.Lights make you feel happy and excited. people who love lights then there is good news for them that lights festival is arranged in Ghent Belgium.this event of lights was beautiful. there was multiple colors of lights are used to make the amazing view. it was counted that 55000 lights were used on this occasion. people who went to this light festival 2016 they got surprised and amazed to watch the stunning views of these lights.The building was looking outstanding and lights used on this building was awesome. experts and professionals make use of lights in a very different which attracts many tourists towards that building in Belgium.

At night building decorated with light gives the magnificent view which stunned many was fun to watch these dazzling and shinning bright sounds that there were some fairy tale going on that makes you feel really happy and surprised.

Here is the collection of latest pictures of Light festival 2016 and new video of light festival 2016. hope you like all these photographs.

light-festival-2012-belgium ghent


ghent light festival belgium 2012

belgium-ghent-light-festival 2012 photo

World Most Expensive BED Mattress UK Price 175000 Dollars

we spend one-third of our life in bed, but how much we want to invest in our bed is totally up to us.we never think about it that our bed must be comfortable and mattress should also be easy and soft so we can easily relax when we tired from the hectic routine of the day. For that many people have been tirelessly searching for the best and most comfortable mattress for years. These days many people also complaint for the backbone and for that you must choose the best quality mattress.

Recently one of the best furniture companies in New York has launched the world most expensive mattress and bed and cost of that bed is 175000 dollars it is the most expensive bed and almost many bed experts participate in making of it and it took 700 hours. Most expensive material use is like goal wool which makes the bed soft and silky and easy to use. Only 60 beds are launched in the market for sale and special bed are getting ready for the royal family of British.

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Most Peaceful Countries Of The World 2015 – 2016

The Global Peace Index is presently considered the most widespread effort to assess the peacefulness of states around the world. Visions of Civilization, the group behind the GPI, release an annual report evaluating which states are getting ahead. Today I will tell you about the best countries to live and the most competitive countries to do business in the world and the happiest countries, the best countries for entrepreneurs.

most-peaceful-countries-in the-world-2013-2014

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