Latest Pakistani and Indian Sherwani Suits Designs 2016

Wedding is very special event and it comes only one time in the life of everybody. Wedding is the unforgettable occasion and it is the special feeling which you feel at that time. There is excitement, nervousness and happiness at the same time. Wedding the event on which all the guest which are invited and specially bride and groom lots of shopping. It the event on which you want to look beautiful and gorgeous.
As wedding is really one of the best moment in the life it brings many beautiful and sweet moments in your life along with that marriage also brings many changes in the life. As this event is so special so you must look elegant on that for which you have to choose stylish and beautiful dress. there are different cultural , traditions and styles of dressing  in Asia mostly shalwar kahmeez, Kurta shalwar , dhoti kurta are used on wedding in Pakistan there are four provinces and they have different dressing trends in each but mostly Latest Sherwani designs 2016 are used. New Sherwani styles 2016 are wonderful and when you wear them it looks terrific. There are many types of sherwani styles beads and stone work is done on the sherwanies and kurtas. Latest Indian sherwani designs 2016 are also awesome. Most popular Men Sherwani designers 2016 are   Jodhpuri  ,Sahil ,Amir Adnan ,Manish Malhotra, HSY all these designers have design the stylish and unique sherwani suits.
In Pakistan grooms specially wear the latest embodied sherwani suits 2016.they usually wish to wear sherwanies and kurta shalwar.if your wedding is falling on head and you are searching for the best Sherwani designs 2016 ,  latest Pakistani sherwani designs 2016 and new Indian sherwani styles 2016 then here you can have a look of all the new collection. Here you can also find the designs of most popular men designers 2016.all these photos are new and are wonderful designs .you can also but online sherwani for grooms if you have less time to go and shop. Have a look of all the new sherwani designs 2016 hope you like it.


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Latest and New Beard and Mustache Style 2016

Everyone in this world look good and now a days every day a lot of things , cosmetic introduced in markets for men and women to groom their personality. First things in everyone personality is face of that person so if your face is beautiful , then obviously you will look more personalited. Fashion is something that keeps changing and changes you to a certain extent. We are sure that no one can do without fashion. The trends in the 21st century is simply stunning and we’ve got so much variety. Most important, fashion reflects your personality. The way you dress up throws light on your personality. By our point of view, fashion is not moving with the world as new trends keep coming but wearing something that you feel comfortable. So today in this article we cover latest beard style of Men and some unique beard style for Men which are good for normal life as well as you will look good in office environment. We also recommend you to change your mustache and beard style every month and you can ask from your friends and family member that which beard style look better as your face.
If very tough to done a unique and new things and its not easy task to give a new beard style to your face. How much beard style matter in your personality you can get an idea from your office colleage and even just ask from your boss that sir which beard style and mustache style you like at my face.there are many beard trimmer are available in markets and different companies offer many trimmer in markets so here we sort out some best beard trimmer list which are as follow.

  • Philips Norelco
  • Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer
  •  Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer
  •  Conair GMT900 iStubble Facial Trimmer, Gray
  •  Andis Professional 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer by Andis

All these trimmer have good ranking and user review that these beard and mustache trimmer are best in quality and give you best style in less time.

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Latest Diamond jewellery sets collection 2016

Damas Diamond set design 2016.

Diamonds are best gifts to express love and affection. Diamonds are most expensive gifts which you can give your wife on wedding night and to your lovers. Many people like to have latest diamonds engagement rings for their love ones. Diamonds are beautiful and precious gifts. Diamond jewelry is forever it never changes and ladies always love to have diamond jewelry collection. Diamond is very expensive and elegant. diamonds are real way to show your true love as diamond always shine and its shining brighten the beauty of your wife and partner. Latest diamond jewelry rings 2016 are most popular romantic gift and new collection of diamond jewelry sets are also best for the formal functions. There are many types of diamonds used in the new diamond jewelry 2016. Pink diamond jewelry, Champagne Diamond rings, yellow diamond jewelry sets and blue diamond bracelets looks beautiful and amazing. Continue reading “Latest Diamond jewellery sets collection 2016”