Latest Best Camera smartphone 2013

Every day different manufacturer of mobile devices launch new mobile with different specifications. People always waiting new features from well known mobile companies like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and Apple. Different people select the mobile to buy by different perspective some people like music then they select best sound quality mobile and some people like photography and they love to capture the every moment of life. So in this post we select best mobile camera devices. These are the best rated camera mobile of 2012 and now a day’s these mobile has best camera features. Peoples always asking which mobile has best camera so in this article we hope you will get an idea which mobile phone has best camera.


Are you thinking to buy a mobile with best camera result and you want to buy a high pixel camera mobile phone? we cover in detail and give you a complete list of latest and best camera mobile.

  • Nokia 808:

With 41MP camera and Nokia’s proprietary PureView technology, the latest Nokia phone launched at MWC 2012 is by far the best camera phone ever produced.Nokia 808 has best camera and first time in history of smartphone any company give 41Mp camera.this is world high pixel camera in if you want to buy a best camera mobile then Nokia 808 is best choice.






  • Nokia N8:


Nokia N8 is termed as a 12-megapixel camera with phone capabilities. It also packs the biggest image sensor embedded in a phone yet, Carl Zeiss optics, 4:3 display ratio and great video capabilities too.Nokia all handset has very good camera result but after the Nokia-808 camera we highly recommend you to buy Nokia-N8 if you want a high resolution mobile camera.Nokia-N8 camera result is very good and clear.




  • Samsung Galaxy Note:


Off all the Android phones available in the market, this phone or tablet has the best quality sensors that can pack in 8 megapixels of detail in every shot.After Nokia best camera mobile phone are manufacturer by Samsung and there is now very tough competition between Samsung and Nokia about camera pixel.Samsung Galaxy note has very good camera and it is best mobile or tablet by Samsung which has very good camera.



  • Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy-S-2 is very good mobile of 2012.this mobile has very good camera.this mobile got popularity because of its best feature and high speed performance.The Galaxy S II has a great 8MP camera and the ability to take photos and videos at varying resolutions, to manually choose the ISO/exposure/white balance/color options, as well as various scene settings such as beach or portrait or fireworks and sunset and many others..





  • HTC Evo 3D

HTC is also entering in war of high pixel camera and offer very good mobile camera in the market.HTC EVO-3D is high speed and hihg pixel camera which is launch by HTC recently.Two 5-megapixel auto-focus cameras with dual LED flash sit pretty on the rear side of the HTC EVO 3D, which of course, provides the handset the ability to capture 3D photos and videos. The interface of the camera is HTC’s standard, with a few more special effects and tweaks under the hood.





  • Nokia Lumia 800

 Helped by a fairly wide f2.2 aperture on the lens that lets in more light and produces a shallower depth of field, the Lumia 800’s 8MP camera can produce some fairly sharp, pleasing macro shots and handles high contrast situations more gracefully.



  • Motorola Razr XT912

Personally i love Motorola mobile and Motorola Razr is best smartphone ever introduced by Motorola.its is very slim and best camera result mobile phone. XT912’s 8MP camera shoots photos with a good level of detail, but it’s not very strong at low-light shots. There’s very little shutter lag between photos without flash, but photos with flash are slow to take and save.



  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S

Sony Ericsson has included an 8.1MP Exmor R camera sensor, which creates bright and vivid images. They’re perhaps a little too bright in places, because the sensor seems to exaggerate colours a little, like we’ve seen with most Sony Ericsson phones this year.



  • HTC Desire HD

The Desire HD manages to collect some telling detail in its images. Noise-masking blur is distributed very well, and works especially well if you can content yourself with downsizing the images from the max 8 megapixel size. All in all, a highly competent camera that dealt with what we threw at it admirably.




This is complete list of mobile which has best Camera.