Latest Burj Khalifa pictures and HD widescreen 2016

Burj Khalifa is one of the Tallest Buildings of the world. Its construction is the master piece in the world. Burj Khalifa is the world class building all over the world. Burj Khalifa is crown of the Dubai it is one of the well known building. The special thing about Burj Kahalifa is that it is completely designed by manpower its completely handmade master piece in Dubai. Its height is approximately 828.85 m (2,824 ft) Construction start on on 21 September 2004 and accomplished on 1 October 2009. The building formally opened on 4 January 2010. Burj Khalifa has 146floors including hotel suite, malls, apartments, restaurants, and an inspection rooms.

Dubai a city of lights, enjoyments, variety of people and foods and top of all a city of buildings is almost famous for its tallest building which is Burh Khalifa . it is constructed by world ‘s best construction companies. It is designed by world’s best architectures. Burj Khalifa is one of the favorite places for many foreign tourists. People from all over the world come to Dubai just to watch the tallest building of the world.


Burj khalifa has all kinds of entertainment sources there are luxurious hotels and rooms for the couples and people to stay there world class restaurants and they offered tasty and delicious food. There are huge and outstanding shopping malls around the building all together Burj khalifa is the complete package of outing and enjoyment.

Burj khalifa view is the eye catching view from the the upper portion of Burj Khalifa you can also have the complete view of Dubai which is awesome specially at night when you saw different colors light all around you its just a heart breaking view. Skyscraper is also one of the qualities of the Burj khalifa. When there is any special event come the firework and fire crackers is just eye catching view at Burj Khalifa especially at New Year night.

Burj Khalifa is just the architectural brilliance and excellence when you just think about the most beautiful work and most unique and different architectural work then Burj Khalifa straight comes to your mind. the design and over all construction of Burj Khalifa is outstanding. The interior ideas used in the building are just out of this world.


Burj Khalifa, is the highest building in the world. It’s just the Icon of Dubai as well as United Arab Emirates.Dubai is city of peace and light.There are many resturant and hotel in dubai which attract the tourist.