Most Beautiful Female of Indian Bollywood 2016

Bollywood is the place where Heroes and Heroines come and go with the passage of time. many young boys and girls have tried their luck in the Indian film industry but some them got the lime light and all other were vanished from the front screen. Today I am ranking the best Bollywood actress 2016 according their movies and popularity on the social websites. Here you can find the list of top 10 Bollywood actress 2016 and also the most popular actress of Bollywood.i have given the brief introduction of the all the actresses who are rated as most beautiful actress of Indian movies you can also have a look of the latest wallpapers of Indian actress 2016.just check out the chicks of Bollywood film industry.

Top Ten Beautiful Actress of Bollywood

The most stunning actress rated on number 1 is Katrina kaif.

Katrina kaif is a beautiful bollywood actress and now days she is on the topic of the list. 2012 was the best year for the Katrina kaif and she has given blockbuster movies in the last year. Katrina kaif is famous for her cute looks and sweet smile. Katrina kaif latest movies 2016 are also very good and she is very hopeful for her bright futures in the bollywood.katrina kapoor latest wallpaper 2016 are amazing. This charming girl has signed many movies Katrina kaif latest movies 2016 are also in pipeline and soon they will be released with the beginning of the year.

world most desirable woman of bollywood 2013 pics

No Doubt Katrina Kaif is still sustain her position in India as a world most beautiful female of Indian Bollywood.

  • Most Attractive woman of Bollywood is Katrina Kaif

Most-Beautiful Bollywood Actress 2013 Picture wallpaper

  • Kareen Kapoor

The most beautiful actress rated on number 2 is Kareena kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is the best actress of bollywood she is very elegant and smart heroine.kareena kapoor recently got married with saif ali khan and she is very happy. Many fans of Kareena kapoor were worried that after marriage that may she left the bollywood industry but its good news for them that she said she will not stop working and will continue doing work in movies. Kareena kapoor latest movies 2016 are also very interesting and she is doing many movies with different directors. so she is looking forward for the bright future in the bollywood. Kareena kapoor latest wallpapers 2016 are also stunning.

Most-Hot-Actress of Bollywood 2013

Kareena Kapoor ranked at number 2 in most beautiful female of Bollywood.

  • Most gorgeous female of India Film industry

most beautiful kareena kapoor picture widescreen wallpaper 2013

  • Priyanaka Chopra

Priyanaka Chopra is rated on number 3rd in most desirable woman of Bollywood.

Priyanka chopra is most famous actress of the bollywood. She is famous for her marvelous body and smart looks. Priyanka chopra was also the miss world and then she jump into Indian film industry.   priyana chopra has given many hit movies to the bollywood and recently she is on the top of the Hollywood singers as her song welcome to my city got too much popular all over the world and people like her singing style very much and also got impressed by her voice. priyanka chopra latest 2016 movies are also very excellent and she moving towards Hollywood film industry and looking her dazzling future.these are latest picture of pariyanaka Chopra and she is also in list of most stylish and stunning female of India.

Beautiful-Face of Bollywood 2013 2014

  • Beautiful picture of Priyanaka Chopra-2016

2013-Priyanka-chopra HD wallpaper

  • Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is at number 4 in top ten list of most beautiful female of Indian bollywood.

Anushka Sharma is one of the cutest actress of bollywood. she was model and started her career with the bollywood king shahrukh khan in the movie rab na bena di jori and again she is touching the skies of popularity because again she appeared with great khan in her recently released movie jab tek jaan which was blockbuster. anushka sharma latest wallpapers 2016 and anushka Sharma latest movies 2016 are also very good and she is excited to pursue her career in the Indian film industry.

Best actress of bollywood 2013 pictures wallpaper

2013-Anushka Sharma pics

  • Deepika padukone

Deepika padukone is rated on number 5 in the list of most desirable female of Bollywood.

Deepika padukone is the most popular actress of the Indian film industry. She was a model and gradually stared her career in the bollywood. Deepika padukone is very much famous for her beautiful body. She is tall and has attractive personality. Latest Deepika padukone wallpapers 2016 are also very beautiful. Deepika padukone has done many hit movies her recently released movie cocktail was a great hit. Latest deepika padukone latest movies 2016 are also seem to be amazing and we wish her success in the coming year 2016.

2013-Deepika padukone Beautiful Picture wallpaper

most beautiful female of bollywood 2013 pics

  • Vidya Balan

The oo la la girl is rated on number 6

Vidya Balan is bollywood actress. She has done many Indian movies and she has done many different language films.vidya balan now recently got married and enjoying her married life.vidya balan has done many hit movies like dirty picture, kismet connection and much more. she is brilliant actress.people love her pure Indian looks and she happy to have that much success in the bollywood.vidya balan latest wallpapers 2016 are also very amazing. Vidya balan will come back soon after her marriage and vidya balan latest Indian movies 2016 are also good and hoping for best in 2016.

Most beautiful Anti female of Bollywood Pics 2013

  • Bipasha basu

The Bollywood bedi girl is on number 7

Bipasha basu is one of the hot and beautiful actresses of bollywod. Bipasha basu is really a nice actress and recently showed her skills in the thriller raaz 3 and she proved herself that she can do anything. Bipasha basu has great figure and she is also known as dancing queen. Latest bipasha basu wallpapers 2016 are also very beautiful. bipasha basu is doing many new movies in 2016 and all her projects are of mega budget  under big Indian banner. bipasha basu latest movies 2016 are  sounds to interesting and she is hoping best for her in 2016.

most popular actress of bollywood 2013

2013-Latest-Bipasha basu Picture HD-wallpaper

  • Sonakshi sinha

Sonakshi sinha is on number 8

Sonakshi sinha is very good actress of the Indian film industry. she started her career in the 2010 in debaang   with salmaan khan which was great hit. sonakshi sinha is famous actress of bollywood.sonakshi sinha recently released movies son of sardaar was a big hit and was a blockbuster movie.sonakshi sinha is gradually getting success in the bollywood industry. Sonakshi sinha latest wallpapers 2016 are amazing. Upcoming movies of sonakshi sinha are also very good projects and she is having outstanding career in the Indian film industry.

upcoming-young actress heroien of Bollywood 2013

2013-Sonakshi-sinha-Bollywood-face-actress pics

  • Asin

Asin the Gajani girl is at number 9

Asin is most beautiful Indian actress. She is of the best bollywood actress 2016.she has done many movies and given many hit films. asin has done movies with great bollywood names like amir khan and salmaan khan. Latest asin wallpapers 2016 are fabulous she has done many modeling assignments.asin is beautiful actress and people love her innocent looks.

2013-Asin pics HD wallpaper

2013-Indian Female Beautiful Actress pics wallpaper

she is really beautiful and got popularity from the amir khan movie gajani.

most beautiful female of india bollywood 2013 Asin

  • Sonam kapoor

The  most cute and innocent face of bollywood Sonam kapoor is rated on number 10

Sonam kapoor is also one of the best actresses of Indian film industry. She is very talented and skilled young actress. sonam kapoor is the daughter of the  anil kapoor who was also the famous Indian actor. Sonam kapoor enter in the bollywood industry with movie name sanwariya with ranbir has a good and after that she worked in many movies like I hate love stories and much.sonam kapoor latest wallpapers 2016 are outstanding and people love to watch her bollywood

sonam-kapoor-latest wallpaper 2013 2014

Highly Paid actress of bollywood 2013

most attractive woman in the bollywood 2013

2013 Bollywood Sonam kapoor picture wallpaper

Hope you like our collection of the latest wallpapers of Bollywood actresses 2016.

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