Blackberry Playbook tablet Review

Blackberry Playbook tablet Review

Blackberry Playbook tablet reviewThe first tablet produced by research in Motion (RIM) is expected to storm the market just as the company’s blackberry did when it’s was first introduced. Blackberry Playbook tablet work on the QNX operation system designed by the RIM a Canadian Company. It is claim that Black berry Playbook tablet is simplest operating system and very user friendly to use it.
My people targeted by Black berry Playbook tablet are traveler, business man and technology lovers. The BlackBerry PlayBook is designed to be mobile and business-friendly. This device is small enough to hold with one hand, slip in a laptop bag side pouch, and even carry around all day to meetings.

First look of Black berry Playbook tablet.

Blackberry Playbook table is 7-inch ,0.4mm thickness and 400gm. Black berry Playbook table is more thin then Apple iPad and more light in weight as compare to apple iPAD.Making it small and thin has been a key factor in the competitive tablet market. Light weight of Blackberry Playbook tablet is main factor which attract those user who always on move. It has four buttons on the front while other system is all touch screens. Power on and volume control keys are at display. Black berry Playbook tablet come with three port one for USB, second port of Monitor and third port used for Charger.

Battery Life

Battery life of Black berry Playbook tablet is good but not excellent. Battery could last for two days with normal use, before the need to recharging.

CameraBlackberry Playbook tablet

Black berry Playbook tablet has two camera one at back and one camera at front. Rare Camera is 5-megapixle and front camera is 3-Megapixle.


Blackberry Playbook tablet has due core processor which works perfectly with QNX operating system. User can shift control from one application to other application smoothly.


Internal memory RAM

Blackberry Playbook tablet come with 1GM RAM built-in but user can expand it 2GB.

Storing Capacity Review for Black berry Playbook tablet

Different storing capacity are available for Blackberry Playbook tablet in which 16GB ,32 GB are included.

Applications Review for Blackberry Playbook tablet

The PlayBook comes with a selection of applications.Black berry Playbook tablet come with word and excel. They can be easily worked on, just as one would do on a regular computer. However, with the keyboard divided on both sides of screen, data entry become difficult. But user can connect external keyboard and mouse with blue tooth connectivity.The PlayBook works with the most common video formats, including MPEG4, WMV, and H.264. There is no video store, however, and that is one feature the Samsung Galaxy Tab does have. The PlayBook makes up for this by allowing you to add videos over Wi-Fi that you’ve downloaded from the web.You can connect via Bluetooth and use the blackberry application like calendar and address list.
In Conclusion, one can say that that Black berry Playbook tablet has all that is required to be in a tablet. It has what the user basically needs, and is for users who have always been fascinated by blackberry. But if you think that playbook is about playing game and you are game lover then you will be disappointed. It is for the kind of user, not far from blackberry user, who would rather look for entertainment in the other devices they already have.