Best Benefits of Android Operating system Smartphone

Why Android Operating system got popularity?

what are Benefits of Android Operating system?

Main features of Android Operating system ?

Android become most popular operating system of Smartphone and tablet PC. In this article we cover in detail what are benefit of android operating system and why android operating system got popularity in short periods of time. In this year Android tablet PC sale growth is at hight peak as compare to Apple Ipad and Blackberry tablet PC.
Android operating system starts in 2002 and after three year in 2005 Google purchase it and after that Google invest 2 billion dollar to make popular and its development. Android operating system give very tough competition to apple Iphone.Android become most successful operating system for Smartphone and tablet PCs. Here are the top benefits of Android from a business perspective and user perspective.


There are more than 25000 free application available at android market. There are many other reasons why people like android operating system. So let have a detailed look:

Price of Android operating system devices.

At number 1 features list of Android operating system its price. You get all functions which you can get in apple store are less expensive and most of the application in android market are free which makes this operating system attractive for user.

Best Hardware support.

Apple iPhone become hit due to its tremendously hardware support with its software but Android operating system also has very good support with hardware. Android smartphones allows you the additional hardware support like video/still cameras, touch screens, GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, dedicated gaming controls, proximity and pressure sensors, thermometers accelerated 2D and 3D graphics. Google also purchase Motorola mobile handset division. According to Google spoke person now they are hardware capability and in upcoming year more progress will be notice in development of android applications.

Availability of thousand of Applications

One main reason for getting android operating system popular it that availability of application. There are thousand of free application available at Android market and there is by default android market icon is available in every android Smartphone and tablet PC.


Different Language Support

Android operating system also has support with different language. You can use android base Smartphone and tablet pc in your local language.

Android Mobile Game Applications

Young people addicted with game. every day hundred of new game application add in android market. And Android spoke person also said in media that they will provide the facility to all the users with Mobile Gaming facility. PlayStation even announced that they will develop some PS games that will be easily available in the devices powered by Android OS.

Upgrade Android applications.

Instant upgrades are easily available for all the Android users. But its mention by mobile vendor that up to which version you can upgrade your mobile with android version. A user can also easily upgrade application of android.

By business perspective android operating system is best.

Open and Free Platform.

One of the main reason for getting popularity of android operating system is that this is open source and license platform like Linux. the entire platform is available for customization.

Benefits of Android Operating system

Android Applications mostly In Java.

Android applications are written in Java, with a rich set of libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of Java can get Android applications up and running with relative ease. You understating of Java is easy and lots of developer already available in market. So its easy for software houses to jump in android application developments.

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