Best Battery Saving Tips For Mobile

battery-saving-tips-for-iphone4sEvery day any mobile phone manufacturer launching new mobile, new Smartphone and new laptop model. Mostly all laptop, mobile handset and Smartphone have same functions so where they differ from each other is battery life. Now people have more concern about battery life of cell phone and all mobile vendors like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson want to manufacturers Smartphone and mobile handset with maximum battery stand by time and talk time.

But Its also up to at user of mobile, laptop or Smartphone how’s he/she use the mobile. User should have good knowledge how he can save battery life of cell phone and laptop. Specially situation become worst when you’re expecting a call and your battery icon starts blinking, the first thing you should do is find a charger. But if that’s not an option then you should know the tips how you can save your battery life of cell phone and laptop. In this article we cover the best tips to save the battery life of your Cell phone. In other article we will cover in detail how you can save battery life longer but in this article we are covering only mobile battery. We’ll skip the usual tips about the ‘memory effect’ and which battery type is better, NiCd or Li-Ion, because you don’t really have a choice in that.

So we have come up with list of best tips to save the battery life of your Mobile phone and Smartphone.


Don’t Change you setting again and again

Battery life gradually decay, with the use of adjusting system settings, keeping a good using habit can help extend battery life.

Fully cycle charge

To maintain the efficacy of battery life it is suggested to fully recharge the battery once a month.
(Charging the battery from less than 20 % to full). You need to recharge your battery directly to 100 % with no pause.

Suitable temperature

0 to 45 degree temperature is suitable for battery life charging, too high or low temperature is harmful for batteries; always keep your device out of direct sun and high temperature areas.

 Breathe freely

Take off the cell phone cover when charging as charging generates heat which is bad for battery life.

 Disable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is convenient and free but Wi-Fi needs much more power than 3G network, it’s better to disable Wi-Fi, when not in use.



 Mobile Data

3G, 4G networks devour much more power than 2 G network, if it’s unnecessary only open 2G network.

 Disable Auto sync

As background data, auto sync is used for Google’s real-time synchronization, such as Gmail, Google contact, etc. if u don’t need these functions then disable cancel auto sync.



Disable Bluetooth

Bluetooth consume a lot of power. If you don’t often use Bluetooth headset, then switch off Bluetooth.


Shot screen timeout

Reducing screen timeout can help save battery power, it’s better to make it 1 minute or shorter.

 Adjust Brightness

The screen brightness consume vast power, lower brightness can increase battery life.


 Disable Apps in background

Apps in back round may consume battery either , make sure that no application is running in background.


 Disable Auto system update

Many android apps provide auto-update, which requires much power. If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of time lines, increasing the app auto-update time interval will save a lot of power.

 Close mobile vibration

Except in very noisy environment or meeting such extreme conditions, vibration alert is not necessary vibration consumes a lot of battery power.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is an important term which is pretty popular nowadays. But if you want to keep your Cell phone to keep working a little longer, than you should multitask very less when the battery is low. This will enable you to give you a few more hours before the battery dies out.



Close Programs Running In The Background

You have to close all those programs running in the background. You can install advanced task killer application at your cell phone. By this application you can kill at unnecessary programs which are running in background.

Turn Off Keypad Lights

If you’ve been using the phone for a while, you may be able to use the keys without seeing them. If this is the case, the keypad backlight can be turned off. However, not a lot of phones support this, but it’s worth considering if your phone does.

Your Office and Home distance from Mobile Operator BTS .

If your office and home is far away from the operator (Mobilnk , SingTel , T-Mobile) BTS then your battery will be consumed more. Because Power is adjusted automatically between mobile and BTS of operator.we know its not in your hand to change the office location and home location but distance between Mobile and BTS also effect the battery life of mobile.