Bangkok:Pregnant Aishwarya rai shoot in LUX ad.

Pregnant Aishwarya rai shoot in LUX ad. After pregnancy she shoots first time in any commercial .She was looks stunning & give a completely professional attitude to her contracted company Unilever.He husband was also present during the shooting .After shooting she go directly to London with her husband.Shooting was done in Bangkok.She is in 6th month of pregnancy.

Pregnant Aishwarya rai shoot LUX Ad.

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people of india are waiting for this moment when aishwarya rai bachan got prganent many people got happy and many peole so jealous. when then bollywood actors and actresses listen this news all were calling aimitabh bachan and aishwarya rai bachaan to say congarts . amitabh bachan also uploads his status on his facebook. he is very happy and excited. there is also too much hipe on the issue that weather aishwarya rai bachan will give birth to the baby girl or baby boy. as many women feels low and ill during prgenacy but aishwary rai is still looking fresh and stunning.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai shoot in LUX ad
Pregnant Aishwarya rai shoot in LUX ad Picture.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai wallpaper.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai shooting in LUX commercial.
Pregnant Aishwaryarai looking beautyful in LUX commercial.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai in 6th Month.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai shoot in LUX ad looking fabulous in LUX ad.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai give professional looks.
Pregnant Aishwarya rai in Bangkok.

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