Bajaj RE60 Indian Cheapest car of the world

Indian Cheapest car of the world from Bajaj Auto.

Now competition is started between Auto Manufactures to make the world cheapest car.But currently Bajaj Auto, one of the paramount Auto Manufactures of India will lead the market after launching its first four wheels Auto BAJAJ RE60 that will become Indian cheapest car.Bajaj Auto has recently launched its first car called “Bajaj RE60”. It is destined to become cheapest car in India. Bajaj Bajaj RE60 is Indian cheapest car and Bajaj Auto claim that it is also world cheapest car. Indian Bajaj Auto is Indian premier Auto Manufacture for best known for scooters, motorcycles and three-wheel motor rickshaws. it’s Bajaj’s first foray into the four-wheel market. Now Bajaj is entering in four wheel market and give a cheap and good facility to Indian people with low income. Now they can become owner of their own car Bajaj RE60 and this car can go maximum speed to 70km/hour.Maximum fuel capacity of this Auto car is 44 liters. Bajaj Car RE60 is also fuel efficient car and give a good mileage. Bajaj RE60 is a small car and low weight car with only 400kg.Commercial production of BAJAJ RE60 could start in the next few months.

Bajaj RE60 Auto Car World Cheapest car specifications

•Dimensions (LxWxH): 2752x1312x1650 mm
•Engine : 200cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected DTSi
•Mileage : 35 KMPL
•kerb weight : 400 kg
•Power : 20 PS
•Boot space : 44 litres
•Maximum Speed: 70 km/h
•Turning radius: 3.5 m
•Seating capacity: 2+2 or 1+3

Bajaj RE60 – Price

The price of Bajaj RE60 is not out as of now but it is expected to start from the price range of around Rs 1.25 lakh Indian Rupee and near 2200 USA Dollar.


Bajaj-RE60. Cheapest car.

Bajaj RE60 world cheapest car.

Indian cheapest car

indian-cheapest-car bajaj RE60

Bajaj RE60 Interior


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