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Photography is an art and it’s not as easy as people think . For perfect photography , you need to take care many things and most important thing in photography is timing. A perfect timing picture always take praises all over the world . Now in different countries , different organizations arrange competition between different photographers and give the prize to them. Basically the word Photography derives from two ancient Greek words: Photo for Light and Graph for Drawing. Now different companies are offering very good cameras by which you can capture beautiful moments of life . Its not important that you always capture happiness but you can also show the world some bitter matter of life. Now different TV channel also arrange competition between photographer to increase the importance to photography.
We collect latest award winning photographs and all these picture are new and we collect from different sources and these picture are taken by professional photographer.
One main things is to start you professional career of photography you have to make sure that you have a professional camera like if you want to do photography in sea and if you want to capture underwater animal you should have water proof professional camera. Now different companies are offering best water proof camera like Nikon , Sony ,Samsung and fuji film . National Geographic channel as best source of world best photography. These are best picture photography of 2012 and 2013 years.
In this article we select some award winning photography to 2012 and 2013 and all picture are perfect and have an inner story. These are best picture and world best photography skill come together with professional skill and you can use high definition picture as wallpaper or screen saver and best fit for all widescreen display desktop PC and Laptop.A photograph is life distilled and preserved for eternity. An expressive face, a fleeting moment in nature, an abstract shape- these are the fundamentals of photography. A photograph conveys, in a way no words can, a sense of the mystery and beauty of life, nature, and the achievements of mankind.A photograph isolates the truth, exposing to us the realities of our time , war, terrorism, abuse, poverty.Just find our collection of Best award winner photographs.



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  • World Best and Award Winner Falcon Photographs.


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