Avoid These Mistakes While Web Designing :Great Tips:

Avoid These Mistakes While Web Designing.

Here you find some important and useful tips for designing an effective and high quality web site

As A web design professionals, we’re always looking for ways to develop our knowledge and ability. Tips, tricks and checklists are often used in web site desiging.It’s not an easy task to make a good and attractive web site design.

Two most important tips for web desiging.

1.Picking the domain name.

Always pick good domain name and easy word for domain name.Dont used complex and digits in your doman name.

2.Always choose best Web Hosting

When picking a website host, ensure that you check what you’ll get in the package. Disk space, bandwidth, CPU usage and other specified features may decide the cost you’ll encounter.


Make sure the website Compatible for all browsers: Make sure you check your website in the most used versions of all top browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Netscape as these browsers are mostly used by internet users.


Also keep in mind these easy and simple tips for designing a best site.

 Tip Number-1: Always use eye-straining colors on the website.

Color is very important for website designing.

Tip Number-2: Don’t Use unreadable fonts:Must use simple and easy readable Fonts.

Always use simple and easy readable font at your website.

Tip Number-3: Always try to make your website which resolution commonly use.

Resolution of your website should be that which normally people used. If Resolution is good then user feels easy to browse your website.

Tip Number-4: Use Minimum Flash and multimedia. it will Slow your website. User don’t like slow websites. Why Google hit a lot in world? Because its has no graphics at its first page and its loaded very fast.

Text is always king of the site. Always used more text at your site.

 Tip Number-5: Always used that design which get customer’s attention.

Website design should be easy and design should be colorful that gets user attentions.


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