world’s first youngest microsoft certified Arfa-karim died

arfa-karim-death news

Arfa karim died,its very sad news for all nation of Pakistan,she was proud of pakistan . Arfa karim was youngest certified of Microsoft.arfa karim funeral prayer will be held in Lahore cannt 10 AM at 15-jan-2012.
Arfa karim death news is shocking news for all nation of Pakistan.she was admit in hospital and arfa karim was in serious condition but from last week she was recovering and bill gates offer to her parents to send doctor from USA to pakistan for her cure.
Arfa karim was youngest microsoft world certified professional.
Bill Gates offer to their parents to shift her in dubai hospital.
But At-last she is not with Us and She Died Now.

According to her father and mother , they knows what was cause of her disease. If arfa kareem recover her self from her desease even then she spent her life in pain.All over the world Doctor was surprise and they was unable to diagnose the Arfa kareem disease.She was asset of Pakistan and itsmyviews team Pray for her that GOD bless her and give a Place in Heaven.

Arfa kareem was very talenet IT expert and its not a loss of Pakistan but also a great loss of world And now with the help of Microsoft and PM shahbaz shareef her father will start a new project with her name.they decided to give a name to that project AFRA Foundation.

In this world there are very rare people whos has talent like her.She was a role model of youngster and specially Kids.She has very good relation with her brother and some time she shows her anger to her brother when he didn’t take interest in his education.

We all are SAD after watching the News of her Death at TV.We all pray for her.

We all miss her.



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  1. iam big fan of arfa karim rindawa meri khwaish hai ka gb pakistna to iss ki kbr akr fateha khwani kro arfa allah tum ko gnt ata frmai amin aur tumarai abu ami ko sbar ata frmai amin

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