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Animal voice translator machine

I love animal and i love with nature.i really feel awkward when i cant understand my dog feeling and talks.I want to talk with my dog just like i talk with my friend.I want to understand his language.sometime i think that they should be some device which can translate what my cat or dog is saying. I just make to a machine that can translate animal voice into human understandable language like English. This machine should be capable to translate of what an animal speaks like cats for example. The machine should have screen, sensor, recorder and translator and should have Animal Linguistic Database in which sounds of different animals is maintained. Its phenomenon should be that it will first recognize the voice and then feel the inner feelings of animals and then translate it into human understandable language accordingly to feelings. Make sure the animal you’d like to translate is calm and at-ease. Depending on the animal in question, you may wish to stroke or pet it as you bring the machine close to its mouth. Press the “Press to listen” button to record as it woofs, meows, neighs, oinks etc. Should be patient whilst the voice recognition software checks the recorded pet sounds against the millions of stored noises in the Animal Linguistic Database. This should only take a few seconds. Once the data has been processed you will see an English transcript translation of what your animal has said. If you wish to hear it spoken press the speaker button to hear an audio version.