Latest news Aishwarya rai deliver a baby Girl.


Aishwarya rai give birth too her first baby girl the waiting time over and most waited bachan baby now born .The golden moment for whole world was waiting that when Aishwarya Rai Bachan will deliver her first baby girl has come and Aishwariya has delivered baby girl Aishwarya is very happy and she is absolutely fit and fine. Amitabh Bachan finally has his grand daughter .in his hands he also very happy . Jiya Bachan is also very happy to see the first look of her grand daughter .bachan family is celebrating this moment with enthusiasm. The security system is too much strict in Seven Hills hospital. Abishek Bachan is also very excited to hold his first baby is his hands. The golden moments who were waiting for this time the Indian media and media of all countries got crazy about this news and finally Aishwariya rai Bachan Deliver a baby in Seven hills hospital. This was hot news and Amitabh Bachan finally becomes Grand father and Jiya Bachan becomes Grand mother. The of years over today and finally that time comes for which Bachan family was waiting.Aishwariya deliver a baby girl.



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First look of Aishwarya rai baby girl.
First look of Abishek bachan baby girl.

Aishwarya rai baby girl is Scorpio. Both Aishwarya and her baby girl have a same star or zodiac. That means Aishwarya and her baby girl share a strong relationship. Aishwarya rai give birth to her baby girl on Wednesday morning. Aishwarya rai baby girl is born on 16 November 2011. in the morning .Aihwarya rai and Abishek banchan is very happy to become parents of cute baby girl. Amitabh bachan become DADA and Jiya Bachan become DADI the family is very excited and enjoying this most waited moment. Abishek said that IT’S A GIRL. Many others celebrates giving their best wishes to Anishek and Amitabh bachan.





Aishwarya Rai baby girl-picture
Aishwarya Rai baby girl-picture