Pakistani Guy Addicted for Snake venom

There are many different types of snakes throughout the world and mostly people fear from the snakes but a Pakistani guy from Sarghodha city is lover of snake and he told to media he can’t sleep at night until any snake bite him. His name is Hafiz Omar and his is 25 year old.Snake venom can cause problems in the cardiovascular system, specific muscle groups, or the nervous system. Poison of snake is not effect at his body and he feels fresh after every bite of snake. Different researcher are now started to work at his body and wants to know why its happening that snake poison is not effect his body. Now he is addicted of snake bites. Now hafiz omar’s biggest wish is that COBRA king bite his body. Doctor said that some human have natural immunities to snake venom so this guy have good immunity against Snake venom.

Snakes poisonous pakistan