Pakistan army is one of the best army of the world. Pakistan army is one of the strongest strength of the Pakistan. The Pakistan Army came into being after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. The Pakistan Army is a volunteer certified fighting force. The Armed Pakistani army shall under the directions of the Federal Government defend Pakistan against external attack or threat of war.

Every year millions of dollars Pakistani government spends on the Pakistan army to train them. The training sessions of the Pakistan army are highly professional and tough. Many experts are hired to train the Pakistan army soldiers. Pakistan army is armed with high profile equipment to defend the Pakistan. Pakistan army is specially trained to fight with unexpected and exceptional situations of the country. The Pakistan Army has played fundamental part in the government of Pakistan, almost since its foundation. In times of natural disaster, such as the great floods of 1992 or the October 2005 shocking earthquake army engineers, medical and logistics workforce and the armed soldiers played a major role in bringing relief and supplies to victims.

Pakistan army is also trained to fight against terrorism. Pakistani soldiers are very brave and valor. They are famous for their heroically fights. Pakistan army has latest and high technology tanks and guns and missiles. Basically Pakistan army is held and trained for the defense of land country. Pakistani soldiers are highly professionals and real heroes and hardworking and always ready to make every kind of sacrifice for their country. To be a part of Pakistani army youngsters have to pass through many tough tests and trainings. Pakistan army is always standing alert on the boundaries to defend the country. Pakistan soldiers have fought many wars and won. Pakistan army is one of the best military operation based army. Pakistan army has beautiful army uniform and every soldier feels confidence to wear that uniform. Pakistan army is feels Pakistani citizens to be proud and safe.

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