Interesting News of Kids | Lion attack at Child at Zoo | world’s longest Sandwich | world’s Most Expansive Chicken Roll

Please always take care of your kids its interesting news of kids in zoo when hungry lion try to attack at kids and she was very hungry but a wall of mirror save the life of kids and kids was so innocent that he was not afraid from Lion and enjoy this moments.but its very dangerous that child have no knowledge about dangerous thing so parents of kids should take care of that child.Many time lion.Many time Lion open his Jaws to eat the child but Mirror wall which was 6 inch width that save the life of child.

second news is about world longest Sandwich which is prepared in is 209 feet long burger so it become world longest burger and one American resturant cook this sandwich and more then 13 man participate to make this sandwich.

3rd news is about world most expansive chicken roll (Seekh kabab).this chicken roll wrap in gold leaf which make is world most expansive and price of this chicken roll is 750 pounds.