10 Ways to Make Any Job Healthier:Good Points.

do not eat at your desk:

It looks very bad and sounds that you don’t have manners to eat in office timings so you must be careful about that because if mistakenly some thing odd happens like you pour water or your cold drinks on your desk or on keyboard then it seems so rubbish that you don’t have the sense to deal in office. So try your best not to eat on your desk and if you’re eating on your desk due to some reasons then be careful. And after completing your lunch or meal must clean your desk properly.

Add some plants to your surroundings :

According to different studies and researches it is founds that plants and greenery has a great effect on the human beings while they are working. the effects of plants on the human nature is very pleasant and peaceful . People feel refreshing during their work hours if plants are in their surroundings. Plants and greenery has very healthy effects on the human’s health. They feel relax and easy. blood pressure also keeps normal people who are doing tough tasks and often faces tough situations they must set their offices with plants ..

keep Improving your posture and sitting style :

Posture and your sitting style in office is very important and it effects many things in the office and on your job. Your posture and sitting style has major impressions on the other at your job. Proper and correct Posture and sitting style is also important for your good health and safety if your posture is proper then it protects you from back pain and many other such daises. So when you are sitting in your office at your desk or chair then keep your chair or keep moving your chair at angle of 135 degree. it is one of the best sitting style and by sitting in this style you keep your self healthier and you can easily do your work.
keep trying different ways to decrease your work pressure:

It is very important to decrease your work load. If employees are overloaded with work then it effects their health and as well as their performance. It is very necessary to decrease the work load and stress. Employees must find different ways to decrease their work pressure. By overloading of work and stress employees got different diseases like headaches, depressions, heart diseases and etc. Especially females are so sensitive the work pressure effects females more then that of males. So to keep your self healthy and to your job you must try to decrease your work stress.
decrease your extra shifts and overtime:

It is often found that employees try to work overtime and work shifts which often affect their health badly. Overtime and extra shifts is not bad thing but employees should do that much work which they can handle in a better way. if employees do the extra shifts of 6 to 8 hours then it really effects their health and they become ill because of that which is not a good sign. Many studies and researches proved that employees who do extra shifts more then their stamina they often suffered from heart daises..

do exercise add it in your daily routine:

It is found that after different studied and researches that doing exercise is an easy and natural way to keep healthier on the job. It is found that mostly females’ gain more and more weight due to sitting whole day on a single chair .so it is better that employee’s practice exercise during their lunch times. it reduces weight as well work stress and keeps you healthy.

avoid watching TV  at late  night:

 One more way to keep you healthier is avoid watching TV at late night. Watching TV at night is very bad for your health because you don’t sleep properly. And next morning when you awake up you don’t feel fresh. So it is necessary not to watch TV at late night.

Do not make mess on your desk :

one of the way to keep healthy is to make your desk neat and clean. do not make mess on it . it must be very clean from dust and other stuff like unnecessary papers and documents because extra things on desk makes you confuse and confusion is the source of stress. so if you keep your desk neat then it has a pleasant effect on you.

try to arrange flexible sitting environment:

working environment has a great impact on the moods of the employees if employees have flexible and comfortable working environment and sitting arrangements then it will help you to keep you healthy and safe from many daises. it is very important factor employees must consider it .

Try to keep pleasant relation with your Boss and other sub coordinates.

it is very necessary that how you manage your relations with your boss and other people in the office. it is most important because if you have friendly relations then you can perform better and you have satisfaction on your job. but if you have not good relations with your boss then it will makes you stressful and ill and you will become sick. so try to manage good and pleasant relations with your boss by applying effective communication skills.